5 Exercises And 1 Stretch To Release Knee Pain.

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5 Exercises And 1 Stretch To Release Knee Pain.

Knee pain sux plain and simple. Well, pain anywhere is not a nice feeling in the body BUT 1. please always go and check your pain with a professional. 2. These are just exercises that will help relieve the pain you will still need to go to your doc if its unbearable. These are good exercises BUT YOU NEED TO PUT IN THE EFFORT TO DO IT!

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Let me know how you feel if you tried it!

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Rabbani Shaik says:

Nice thighs. Love them


क्या कम कपड़े पहन करने से ज्यादा फायदा होता है या ज्यादा view के लिए ये नाटक बाजी

Rakesh Soni .. says:

Mind blowing body u have ..

Abtin Parsa says:

Where are your knees🤣

Ajith Parathur says:

Shoulder pain relaxing exersise pse

dipa misra says:

Expelen in hindi language

dipa misra says:

Thanks🙏🌹🙏 mem

Sarwan Singh says:

Plz Hindi mein batayen

shrawan kumar says:

Kya नंगापन दिखा रही है। बकवास video

pravin kamble says:

Wow she is so beautiful

Bashir Salh says:

Thanks a lot I will use your advice.


Public comment. Thank you so much ❤ natisha you are amazing person ❤. Continue the great legacy ❤.

Dinesh Sharma says:

Excellent Natasha lovely keep it up, you are brilliant

Yog Sadhan Ashram Hoshiarpur says:

It is not necessary to divest oneself to do exercise.

shali shakeel says:

Hi madam… I have seen many videos of urs but why ur thighs are not reduced even after this heavy exercises

devidas khubchandani says:

Great video natasha

Mudrrika Dj says:

Good knee pain gone follow the exercise nice

Sunita Sharma says:

Keep going🎉

Amrik Singh says:

Hindustani ho kar English qiu bolti ?
Qya iska baap angrej tha ?

RAJU DAS says:

She is too childish, innocent girl to forget to wear a pant.

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