The Missing Link for Patellar Tendon Spring and Health (Great Exercise for Jumpers Knee)

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Charbel A. says:

How do we do the exercise ? Should i jump with the first leg or the secong leg?

Taite says:

Tried the double leg small jumps not a whole lot of pain but could feel it working my knee out. I can also feel my tibialis. I only did it for about 30s

Nadroj says:

Everyone should learn to jump to some extent. Jumping is human movement, not just for paid professionals. Old people die from falling because they have no bounce.

ThePartarar says:

Get the time machine, we’re going back to 2011 to save the goat’s career 🥀

Leo Wooller says:

Hey @pjfperformance

Any chance on a Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis video?

Harold West says:

If we worked together I’d have a 60” very

Ark says:

(I’m 12 years old) a year ago when I first got into basketball my knees and legs were hurting so bad when I was even just walking. I didn’t know what it was so I just pushed through it and I have rock solid legs now. Haven’t ever gotten injured and I practice 3 hours a day. I’m not saying pushing through works for every body but it did for me

Srivishal More says:

Omg thank you I needed this

Khade Belgrave says:

Why does he remind me of the kneesovertoesguy

Seth Kardos says:

Looks like a new dance move

Koner Slovaker says:


Wedo says:

I want this man to live forever

Andy G says:

This is great but how do I build wrist elbow and shoulder joints ? Thanks

Pyrio Dalit says:

Can you organize your videos into playlists that way I know what I need to do first to work these exercises into my basketball training?

Ryan Henry says:

Paul is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐!!
The answer to pain when jumping is… Jumping!
Isometrics and low level jumps have literally changed the game for me and my athletes. Lets build

Joe Rhoads says:

Could this be progressed to then elevating the back leg instead?

BigManShacc says:

Does this increase bounce ?

Steven says:

I feel pretty confident about the "isometrics, isotonics" rehab phases. But I've not fully figured out how to scale and progress the "energy storage and release, and plyos/back to sports" phases. This video makes sense! Do you offer a rehab program for transitioning from the weight room to back to full effort plyos/sports?

Uncle Drew says:

I might be able to relate I got really good at jumping from single leg squats on a smith and a few months later got jumpers knee…my tendon was slower than muscle.

Erwin Monzon says:

this is all true information but i believe stretching out the patellar tendon is also important. hints why you should work while it’s stretched and that’s doing the full knee bend squats . much more effective at strength and spring. 💪🏽🙏🏽

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