Pain When Running? | What Is Achilles Tendonitis & How To Avoid It

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Achilles Tendonitis is a common injury amongst runners and one that requires quite a unique treatment style. Heather be addressing how to prevent Achilles tendinopathy, and if we’re too late then how to treat it! With thanks to Physiotherapist Claire Wheller!

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Ever had pain at the back of your leg where your calf meets your heel? Well, it could be your Achilles tendon causing it.

This is actually a common injury amongst runners and one that requires quite a unique treatment style. Heather be addressing the warning signs of Achilles tendinopathy, how to prevent it, and if we’re too late then how you can treat it.

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Elisa Marini says:

I have this issue and only hearing the physio speaking I want to shoot myself. If you get an incompetent one (and there are LOADS of them) you waste so much of your time. Gosh I hate doing physio

Michael says:

Very stiff and 'notchity' in both legs when I get up in the morning. Got a 10k tomorrow and after that I'm following this advice.

subbamaggus1 says:

My Pain is a bit more in the muscle… but the process of building up to the injury made me think.
i will give it a try, since i went through massage…. inlays…. accupuncture…. bloodwork… surgery (vains removed)…. compression socks…. new/other shoes… weight reduction from 87 to like 77kg at 180 cm… changes my diet…. personal coach …. nothing really helped.

2016 i finished a marathon in like @ at like 30°C at age of 39. So nothing extreme i guess.

On June 13th i went for a run. after like 2k i had to quit. And after that i was barely able to walk. My calves feel like super sore… i was barely able to walk for like 2-3 Weeks. and even today… it hurts. Covid had done the rest to not get an appointment anywhere.

so i will give this a try! and i will get back if it helped!

Blee803 says:

Not being able to run for two weeks now sucks. Got it in both feet.

Ivy Perez says:

Incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!!!

Chaotic says:

Every now and then if I over stretch my leg I can feel a pop and a sharp pain but it goes away really quickly. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not and my docs are useless as they brush everything off until it’s severe

Israel Perez says:

Yeah I started training for. Half marathon and for some reason post running, my right Achilles is quite painful. Hopefully the treatment mentioned works. I’ll update if it does

Ashish Kumar says:

They really talk so fast and in one breath iam amazed 😃

G L says:


Capzxs says:

bruh i have sciatica on my other leg now i have this ;-;

DWSLloyd says:

Really well explained. As someone who had tendinopathy, I am now ever cautious about having a repeat experience.

Ben Janson says:

Had a bad case when I was 35. Took 13 weeks to get back to running. My advise would be strengthen the gastrocnemius, soleus and glute medius for 6 weeks before you even start running and when you do start start with a couch to 5k program where you take 9 weeks to run 5km non stop

Joshua Dennehy says:

I had/have quite a bit of a pain in the old achilles tendons, however, I've found my pain seems to be caused by tight hamstrings, as once I stretch them out, after about 30 seconds, the pain completely goes on my calcaneus (no idea how to spell that, sorry) and it is no longer sensitive to the touch

First Bite Burgers says:

To the point @ 6:15 . Your welcome

Anthony Eadie, Jr. says:

I’ve been dealing with Achilles tendinitis off and on for years.

Kyal King says:

Thanks for this my GP couldn’t give me and inkling cause she couldn’t figure out had all kinds of scans for no reason clearly cause I’m 95% certain this is the problem I’ve got to get a referral to the Physiotherapist thx again lifesaver been almost 2 years

devriestown says:

Thank you so much for this i was training for a kickboxing match 8 time's a week suddenly had really sore ankles like feels like glass in both ankles i can't run or jump rope.
Or walk to much.

Modern MonK MoveMENT says:

I had it in both of my ankles. It caused me to lose my job and it was so bad I could not drive my car because it hurt to press in the cluth. It took 6 years to recover from and it never recovered 100%. I'm starting to have some minor issues again. My issues could be because I have not been doing any ankle raises. I am older, so it takes longer for me to heal from my injuries. I wish I could give my ankle pain to Putin.

JakeG says:

Stopped running due to
Achilles tendinopathy. After 6 months of intensive physio, my Achilles wasn’t improved. Then went for eswt shock wave therapy. 6 week weekly treatment of that, followed by 6 months of no running and no physio.. my Achilles is a lot better. Overall around 12-18 month treatment cycle to feel healed

If you are stuck in a physio cycle for Achilles, try eswt

Mick Heritage says:

This is so refreshing to see, i had suffered with Achilles Tendonitis for so long i cant remember, this treatment has worked im so very grateful. I had spent years going around in circles with the notion of resting and then gently stretching the affected area, only to start running again and be back to square one in a few weeks. I followed the guidance of building the strength back into my Achilles again, in the past i was afraid to do this thinking it would cause harm , ive been running pain free for months now , the first time in years . Thankyou so much for your help

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