How a Pro Soccer Player Cured His Patellar Tendinitis

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Below is MY rehab regimen, I am not saying this is how you should recover from your patellar tendinitis as everyone recovers at different speeds. I was always listening to my body, tracking how I felt, and making the next day’s workout dependent on that.

My Rehab Regimen:

Day 1-10: Stopped all weightlifting, soccer, and running activities, rested as much as possible, iced 3-5x a day for 20 minutes. My goal was to rest until
Day 11-18: Introduced static stretching and light bodyweight exercises as long as it didn’t hurt my knee and make it worse the next day. If knee felt better than the day before, I progressively made each workout harder than the previous by adding more sets, reps, or time.
Day 19-28: Started to introduce biking to the workout regimen. Progressively making each biking session harder than the previous if knee allowed so. Continued to stretch and preform bodyweight workouts.
Day 29-40: Started to introduce light jogging and running workouts. Stopped biking, but continued to stretch. Again, made each workout harder than the last as long as knee responded well and felt stronger. Started to also add weight to all exercises and progressively added more and more weight with each workout.
Day 41-48: Started to add soccer training sessions to the workout regimen. Continued to stretch, perform exercises with increasingly heavier weights, and continued to make each running workout harder than the last. Made each soccer training session slightly more rigorous than the last.
Day 49+: Started Preseason with Saint Louis FC. Stopped personal soccer training and running sessions, but continued to stretch and perform exercises with added weight.


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joe the sheep says:

lol. I got it from squats. Had it rest for 1,5 weeks only droping squats, DLs and push presses (all things that put great strain on the patellartendon) from my workout and then went back to do DLs (3x5x190kg; which isnt pushing it for me (regular training i would have done 220kg so i did dial it down a notch)) and now i am sitting here wondering why my knee hurts. I guess i underestimated this shit. XD

I went to doing isometric spanish squats, regular cooling with ice and cross-section massage. That seems to do the trick. And boy i wont DL… until my competition in 3 weeks that involves max DL. XD (i hope i get this fixed up until then).

rizje uchiha says:

I have been dealing with this for 8 months now…

Lone Wolf says:

Hi, how are your knees now?

Kyle Kearns says:

At what point do you stop the patella tenon specific exercises and continue as normal?

Judith Karn says:

Thanks Matt. Your video helped me so much. I had watched another helpful video, but while I stopped running and playing tennis, I started in on the rehab 100%. I needed your advice to stop everything until my knee discomfort is completely gone doing everyday activities. Anyways, my son played soccer. I appreciate you reaching out to help other people, whether aspiring soccer players or people dealing with patellar tendonitis. Thank you. I’m a new fan.

Eyüp senel says:

I had lots of pains playing football. After some matches I couldn’t even walk normally. So I started to pause football because I couldn’t even pass the ball. After 4 weeks resting I tried to play again but after like 20 minutes I had the same pain again. It was frustrating for me and I was closely to quit football although it’s my life. But now, I am doing many exercises for my leg’s and it works. I feel much better with training and stretching than only resting. Yesterday, I could run without pain but I am still in the process of doing exercises. Don’t do a mistake and start too early. That can bring u down because u feel pain again and again.

User says:

It is now 5 months since I had my first knee pain. I have been doing physical therapy for 2 months without bending the knees and walking. I just started doing isometric leg extensions. My pain level is a 5 when going down stairs. I avoid all activities and I avoid leaving the house. 5 wonderful months of nothing but pain and frustration.

User says:

I am glad you didn’t say slowly but surely or easy does it trumps overloading your knees. make your knee great again 🤏🏻

Cameron Jones says:

this was really informational and encouraging as well 🙏🏾

maddox white says:

During the start of the tendonitis did you keep training upper body?

Stuart Lip says:

I got the same injury playing football absolutely sole destroying just won’t budge going to try this

patrick mcauley says:

Were you warming up before your first phase of body weight strengthening??

Imran Dhalla says:

Informative video – thx. Which patella tendon strap do you recommend for stabalization?

Joaquim John says:

How long did it take you to heal you patella tendinitis?

S B says:

Great vid, but I can’t bend my leg without sharp stabbing pain. When I can, I’ll stretch this bad boy out.

emely says:

when i do single leg squats on my left leg my knee hurts afterwards when i come back up or i start shaking

zineb zina says:

Thinks for you advise I've the same thing its very painful 😣😣😣😣

Ajit Babu says:

Thank you so much for your video! This is something we must understand, as you said that we give it more time and do progresive exercises, no matter what exercise it is. This is an eye opener for me, though I knew this is what I must do.

ariiskuhl says:

2022 and you literally made me believe in my own rehab programm. Rested it for 4 weeks and now I am in the second week of my rehab programm. Doing eccentric body weight squats, wall sits, and eccentric step downs on training days, stretches on off training days and mobility exercises almost everyday. My goal is to be way stronger than i used to be. Thank you for this video!!

Achyut Kayastha says:

Pretty helpful. Thanks!

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