Elbow Tendonitis Exercises

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The root cause of elbow tendonitis (i.e. tennis elbow, golfers elbow) is a muscle imbalance in your forearms. The forearm flexors muscles are often over worked compared to the forearm extensors muscles.


N S says:

How does it helps tje tenis elbow pain?
Btw amazing vid

It’s a Canes Thing says:

Can this help with wrist tendonitis (pinky side)?

Soupy Sails says:

This is outstanding. Thank you

Palash Chatterjee says:

Thanks it's really working

Nikola Snezni says:

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Furyy Night says:

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Robert Hale says:

I tried digestive (proteolytic) enzymes in conjunction with "novel movement stretching", and stretching in general, and just made it a point to be extra careful. If it's painful, ice and rest the area only…The goal was to break down the scar tissue, which was causing a popping sensation in my case. This worked well.

Romana Merlene says:

Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

michael ajie says:

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Rendy Kediri says:

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Dan Scott says:

This is a great tip Lee. For those who have the power blocks dumbbell's and small enough hands/wrists to fit inside so that you can open your hand, they work well for this excercise.

Steva Poslovi says:

interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for best tennis elbow relief try Jaffacter Elbow Treater Coach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

The Mifi's says:

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Arun Kushwaha says:

thats a very effective & ingenious exercise, I was trying to think of a way to move beyond rubber bands extension….

Maurice .Driscoll says:

Fantastic idea. Great out-of-the-box thinking!!

Lori Strachan says:

I love the Canadian accent!  Canadian men rock – they are so chivalrous! x

The Seeker1982 says:

what about reverse-WristCurls? Does this help in case you have overworked Finger-Flexors (which as I understand it are the various heads of the hand/writst-Extensors) AND/OR Golfers Elbow, too?

Tejp Andersson says:

Look up Handmaster plus. Nice little thing and easy to use when you are at your computer. It really helps when it comes to balancing the small fingermuscles. i Got the blue one ( for beginners) and boy does it work. 

lucgh2007 says:

Has anyone tried this? What were the results? My fucking elbow is killing me 🙁

Alex says:

But does that help with the elbow? Because I developed it while benching.

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