Total Knee Exercises

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This video demonstrates the exercises patients can do before, and after having total knee replacement surgery in Spokane, WA at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Please note: if you have been instructed by your doctor or physical therapist not to do an exercise you see demonstrated here, please follow his or her instructions.

Produced by Providence Health Care, Spokane, WA


odogg1946 says:

I am a 69 year old male that had a Total Left knee replacement on Dec 1 2015, just 5 weeks ago, my pain med post op was 5mg Endone tablets, every 4 hrs, usually 2 tablets, the Doctors maintained this regime for a total of 4 weeks at which time the medication dosage was reduced until within 2 weeks I was no longer taking strong pain medications and regular paracetamol was sufficient to control what little residual pain remained, at 4 weeks I am walking with a stick and can manage short distances without a walking aid.Physiotherapy continues towards full function

Diana Glandon says:

I am having my right knee replacement November 16 and would like to know what kind of pain meds are most commonly used after surgery. It seems like most people complain of such severe pain and I don't understand why the pain isn't more manageable with the right kind of medications. My surgeon says she doesn't want me to be groggy and able to do what they ask me to do so that means that she will not prescribe pain meds that will really help with the severe pain. Any advice or comments about what meds work to make the pain manageable would be greatly appreciated.

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