Squatting With Knee Pain? (EVALUATION & FIX)

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Recently powerlifter Peter came to see Dr. Aaron Horschig for his knee pain. Today you get to see the evaluation and treatment process.

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Priyanshu says:

I popped my knee while squatting. I am fucked

Chanel Vibes says:

But I fell from the stair that’s why

Bella End says:

This is the best and most informative video on knee pain due to squats! I do have a correct position and my knee never goes over my toe and still has pain right after doing squads and I do now know it is me just being too stiff and not warmed up enough.
Great exercises, thank you!

Brandon Hsieh says:

@squatuniversity is there a reason that you did not use the tibia rotation screen for him like you did on your other patients?

SportifyTV says:

Wouldn't it be beneficial if he also stretched the iliopsoas muscle of the left leg to have better result in Thomas test??

Yaser Qazi says:

does anyone know what orange band is used at 2:40

skude3 says:

I highly doubt the mobility exercises do much, except for placebo, also 1 fingers difference on ankle mobility is negligible. Warming up more and controlling the excentric however is the deal breaker.

Kevin Mohair says:

What about outside quad pain when pushing knees out or squeezing glute med

Restistance says:

Do you like the zercher squat?If so do you have a video on it.I couldent find one.

Jacqueline Echeverria-Rousseau says:

Squatting with low back pain

J Beezy says:

Can you please do a squat video for tall people?

Ivasan7 says:

@Aaron, @squat_university

Great video, I really like your methodical approach throughout all your videos. Watched all of them related to knee pain, however I have not seen one addressing one that is bugging me.

I have some mobility differences, I have adressed them, ankle and hip, and did some RDL's for the glute maximus, yet the pain still occurs.
Usually appearces after a kettlebell session where I do ~100 deep squats and ~100 snatches. Later during the day I experience tenderness, sensitivity and pain in the inner knee area where the sartorius, semitendinosus muscle attaches on the tibia, so slightly lower than the knee cap on the inner side. It has occured on left or right so I am suspecting some imbalance issue somewhere.

Have not found any of your videos addressing this, so if you have please let me know where I could find more info or look forward to hear your opinion or addressing it maybe in the future.

Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work.

Alejandro Gomez says:

This guy has a great looking squat, fantastic technique.

Matt C says:

Hey just to let you know you say injuries occur do you improper technique and loading which means their form is off due to bad coaching . While stability and mobility def can be an issue it isn’t always . Now I think you’re aware of that since you observed he had great form but you still assumed it was mobility and stability and not the main cause of pain probably even bigger than had form . Overuse .

Brabre BreBra says:

This is good video , i want you make this video( evaluation&fix )

Alexandre Lelo says:

tks for sharing o/

Scott Essery says:

Damn … referred pain is crazy. My knees bad….. bet it’s Due to hip and ankle
You are the best mr squat dr 😃

Say cheese says:

Australia needs one of you 😄

DarthNoshitam says:

What about walking backwards for knee pain?

Evagenesiz says:

i have the same problem!! thank you

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