Number One Exercise to BULLETPROOF Your Knees! | Knees Over Toes Guy

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World Renowned Coach Ben Patrick aka Knees Over Toes Guy explains a simple exercise progression you can do every week that will help eliminate knee pain & BULLETPROOF your knees! If you’re somebody who experiences knee pain/stiffness from prolonged sitting, you’re going to want to try this!

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Daniel Smith says:

Ruined my knees doing 200kg on leg press I'm trying to help and increase knee strength thanks for the video

RG JR. says:

I listened to him and my knees are better and continuing to get better.

Matthew Randall says:

I like hiking up mountains and have no problem going up or on the flats but have terrible pain when coming down also I used to run alot and I loved it but ca t run anymore without terrible ! What can I do to fix the problem thanks in advance

Genny C says:

I hope this works, I'm sick of knee pain. My left knee always reminding me it's pissed!!

John i says:

Just recently returned to running 🏃‍♂️ my knees are BUMPIN this morning! Hoping this will help. All pain/soreness is below the knee cap on the inside mostly.

Rob Gronbeck says:

did 100 of these last night and felt wonderful today. Simple and so effective. Thanks Ben and Mark for educating us to live better and pain free. Kudos!!!

R DG says:

I have a labor intensive job as a elevator mechanic. Lots of bending and squatting. I'v noticed more now that years ago, that when im in a squatting position (5-20 min) troubleshooting or whatever, when I stand my knees hurt a lot. A tingling stingy stabbing pain… To the point I have to stand up slowly and shake my legs. My question is this a sign of things to come, poor circulation or something worse? Thanks

Ilya Bourim says:

wow good job

Don Don says:

I've been a roofer for 20 years and my knees had gotten really bad, I started doing this stretch almost every day. My knees are actually pretty flexible that way probably from all the squatting I do roofing but I was getting a lot of pain climbing ladders and even steps. I know he says once a week but my knees are strong and I need relief. Knees over toes guy knows his shit because the pain has cleared up drastically. Seriously thank you for such solid advice.

anniebhere2 says:

Ok I’m not a athlete by any means but I do enjoy your channel. I inherited my grandmas thighs, as in large. When I was very athletic they were tone but still large. Now I’m 54 & the area above my knees is so ugly. I never wear shorts because it’s like chubby knees🤣😳 When I work out I literally have circle sweat lines, weird. Anyway, what exercise would you suggest for that area? I started walking backwards & wow, that started me watching you more because I hurt in areas I never felt before, in a good way.

Hector Vasquez says:

I was told I had knee cartlige issues two yearz ago my knees hurt a little when I don't move around for two dayz I really want to get back into feet workoutz when I put my knees on a hard floor my knees tend to hurt and makes my knees feel like I have strength in that area.

Hezekiah Mccomb says:

Ok…not even kidding…i had cracking in my right knee that i noticed when i started doin this, weird uncomfortable ish feeling but didn’t necessarily hurt just a weird feeling right…GONE!!! With like 20 reps MAYBE LESS wasn’t counting…like wth😨

36A says:

thank you…thank you…thank you !!! 🫡

Judith Dean says:

Thank you…

Shug says:

I thought there’s no scientific Eve since of lengthening

Slade Wilson says:

So, I can't flatten my ankles to the ground when sitting down in that position, it hurts the tops of my ankles. Is there a video on that?

Rainix says:

what does he mean with base

Arjoe Bautista says:

I need to try to do this exercise. Just like the same with your knee injury

Glen Risk says:

Only learnt of this a few days ago but will definitely be incorporating it going forward.
My quads are reasonable, I'm a little weak in the glutes which I have been working on, improving.
However while my quads seem very muscular they aren't that big and I suspect it's the result of unbalanced development across their functional range. So am thinking I can improve this with a broader training regime?

In Africa, height depends on how tall you are says:

My ankles hurt when I try this tips? Explanation?

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