How To Reduce Knee Pain From Squatting

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The professor is at it again! Coming to you from his anatomy lab, Dr. Chris is dropping some knowledge about how to reduce knee pain. Everyone squats, whether you are an athlete trying to build up your legs or someone getting up from a seated position. If you have knee pain while squatting Dr. Chris explains why and what you can do to make it better. #squat #kneepain #kneepainfromsquatting

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These videos are intended for educational use. They are not intended to treat or diagnose. If you have an injury or concern always consult with your physician or therapist before attempting any of these techniques.


Ben says:

Imagine telling people that their knees should not track over the toes lol.

Siyanda Maseko says:

"The butt needs to drop", classsic


In some sports, the knee needs to track over the foot like Olympic weightlifting

quadzilla26b says:

Thank you!! It worked and made a big difference

Max Mazourov says:

I only do front squats, still have pain in one knee down the centre line at the top. It feels like the pain is internal and wraps help, but only if they are super tight. What can be the cause?

Kevin Tacher Florida Real Estate says:

Great video 📹

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