How to manage and help a biceps tendinopathy!

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For today’s video we have shared our top tips and advice for a proximal and distal tendinopathy, the main causes and symptoms they trigger plus our top exercises to help.

We strongly recommend getting your shoulder joint assessed properly by a musculoskeletal expert before trying these exercises to determine the working diagnosis as other treatments may be more appropriate and required to help initially.

Louise demonstrates:
1. How to stretch the biceps muscle
2. How to stretch the forearm muscles
3. How to move the shoulder and elbow
4. Eccentric exercises for the biceps tendon

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Sgt Rock says:

You're "lovely" I'm "straight" 🙂

Javed Ajani says:

How many days?

Morris says:

Think my issue is Distal but I didn't have any of the cracking or Popeye muscle people talk of. Flares up are at the lower Bicep and inside Elbow. I don't have money for a doc yet. So in Covid times I am doing all the research I can.

Sibam Saha says:

Thanks for the guidance doc. Much needed ❤️

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