Biceps Tendonitis: Exercises to Treat its Hidden Cause

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Learn what biceps tendonitis is, why it happens, and three very important pieces of the puzzle you need to make sure you’re addressing. Make sure you don’t miss these hidden contributing factors!

– Grant

Lacrosse Ball:

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Janette Søgaard says:

Thank you for this video, i have several issues at the moment and have been struggeling with where to start. So i Will try this now, it makes a lot of sense🤞🙌

Matt Roland says:

Hi grant! Could a biceps tendonitis cause symptoms in and around the shoulder when doing handstands or dips?

Brian says:

First thing I saw that didn't tell me to smash my bicep tendon lol. Well done, I tried this specifically the ball on upper back muscles and immediately relieved tightness in the bicep tendon. Hoping i can continue this until the tendon heals . Let me ask you just one additional question. Whats your take on upper back braces for posture alignment ?

tonythesopranos says:

Your channel is very underviewed for the great content! Found on you on the Reddit RSI post. Definitely looking forward to incorporating a lot of your videos into my routine!

Gustavo Ibarra says:

I f.. my shoulder biceps doing an app routine lift 4 training. Trying to find all the info I can so I can get rid of this pain and come back to train. Thanks for all the info, my problem is indeed , I believe lack of prop mobility .

James Marshall Bishop says:

Great video! I’ve been hampered with upper bicep tendonitis on and off for two years. Flares up if I surf multiple days in a row. Once flares up, takes at least a couple weeks to simmer down enough to surf again. Previous physio focused on scapular strengthening which didn’t make sense to me because I surf so much my scapula is probably strong. I did the lacrosse ball stretch between shoulde blade and spine and instantly felt the upper bicep tendon wake up. I suspect my issue is lack of mobility not lack Of strength. Thanks!

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