Medial knee pain exercises

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Exercises to do at home for Medial or Inner knee pain – make sure you put your weight over the knee you’re told!


Z00Maddict says:

These are helpful but it's all a bit rushed. I think there needs to be more emphasis on preparation and mindful exercise. Concentrating on core engagement before moving into the exercises and pacing them carefully to your own physique and degree of restriction.

Vikas Batra says:

You have solved my problem in 2 days.thanks dear[from India]

Arron S E says:

I'm having medial issues… I wouldn't say its a pain more of a pressure I feel around there and a slight numbness… will these exercises help ???

David Condit says:

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie Speeg says:

Great easy instructions and exercises. As a bonus, we get the word curtsy with a British accent appropriate enough for the Queen. Ta!

Yash Kaimariya says:

Feels pain while going upstairs, while getting up from bed, but I'm sure these exercises will help me.

Yogesh Pathak says:

I found this helpful the first time I did it. These are good for inner knee pain. I could do the first two 20 times but not the last one. Maybe I t will take time to build up the strength

Jiten Shah says:

Your instruction to keep the weight on the painful knee helps. Thanks.

MsCaryopteris says:

That hurts the front of my knee. Mean.

Travelin' Art says:

Interesting. I believe I have this medial knee pressure I guess from tendon pressure maybe, and I only feel this pressure when I stretch my hamstring leg fully extended and bend over from on my knees position. I am somewhat slue footed so maybe the external rotation of my lower leg has something to do with my knee in my hamstring stretch.?

Milo Vacc says:

these exercises are not recommended for those who are over weight , over 50 or have poor muscle tone .

Shweta Kundra Srivastava says:

Great video. Last exc was amazing.

Darren Turner says:

Great exercises especially the last one. Thanks

Paul Dozhdev says:

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Tario Mustangakis says:

Is this at all good if you have meniscus deterioration….in other words arthritis in the knee joint with 1 mm of cartilage left

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