Knee Pain Relief Exercises – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

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This knee pain relief routine can help strengthen and loosen up the muscles around the knee and hip area. These knee exercises are done in real time, so it’s easy to follow along with the routine. Buy a worksheet with these knee exercises

Starting off with a warmup, seated hip flexion, seated knee extension (LAQ), and knee roll outs will help get the muscles warm and loose.

Next, exercising the knees while standing will help target different muscles around the knee. Standing hamstring curls, standing march, and heel/toe raises great simple ways to strengthen the muscles around the knees, hips, and ankles.

Finally, mini lunges and mini squats are great whole body movements to strengthen the lower body.

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Knee Pain Relief Exercises – 5 Minute Real Time Routine:

00:00 – Real Time Knee Pain Relief Routine
00:26 – Warmup – Seated Hip Flexion

00:48 – Warmup – Knee Extension/LAQ
01:08 – Warmup – Knee Roll Outs
01:14 – Standing Hamstring Curl
02:23 – Standing March

03:48 – Heel/Toe Raise

05:13 – Mini Lunges
06:37 – Mini Squat

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Helal Uddin Akanda says:

Can I practice it while knee pain is continue?

Radhe Radhe says:

Hello dr Jo . Due to bad sitting posture I got a hump on my neck which looks bad . Any exercise for that and my back also got hump 🐪 . Please help 🥺

AMIT D says:

Hello Doc.Joe i am from India. I tell you thanks. I am a regular runner and walker and i used to body massage once a month due to lockdown i was unable to get massage due to lockdown but because of your channel i was able to get some stretches and stress relief. Thanks to you. Cheers

ÉSpartanó Řøń says:

Hello ma'am how's it going? Hope fine ma'am I am a runner 🏃‍♂️ and though obsessed with shin pain please help me find out a way pls it's driving me crazy.

Rajamurugan Lakshmanan says:

Mam pls advice exercise for overthinking and anxiety

john Miranda says:

i have a scar on the side of my head it looks like a bold spot do you think it will go way and i will grow my hair back or no

Nancy Mafomo says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful exercise, it's helping 🙏🙏❤❤

jabul Tamang yozan says:

After seeing ur videos could u suggest her some exercise plz help us

jabul Tamang yozan says:

Hi Dr jo l am from lndia my wife is suffering from these periphiral nuero problem she also has hyperthyrodism weight gaining problem now she cant walk from 7 months no one can helping me out ,frm these.

Deanna Woody says:

Great video for my knee pain

Lost Soul says:

Hey Dr Jo I just wanted to know 1 thing that's all,what's the best exercises for like damage cartilage/tendons in the knees ?? Or even if they osteoarthritis in them whats the best knee/hamstring or whatever exercises that can help improve that area? That was all ty 😊

Me Food says:

Well done Dr Jo. Explanations as you go along helps understanding the effect behind the movements.
Keep it up for the good of mankind.
Simple things but it's the basics, yet people kind of neglected it.
The abc-z of process.

Cheryl Smith says:

Doctor Jo, thanks for all your great exercises and stretches. You’re truly a life saver. A huge fan from Canada 🇨🇦.

Alister says:

I was doing your exercises on a pulled groin a few weeks ago and it helped me A LOT its not completely gone though since I've stopped but I will start doing them again because there's a small area right between the groin and my right thigh, so keeping that in mind i need to do these knee pain relief exercises because my knees hurt so much mainly from being a shut in for so long and i can't sit properly because it hurts when my knees are bent. So my question is can i combine all these exercises or would it be to much for my body to handle? So sorry for writing so much

Roger Funk says:

I had to do this last night leg cramp

Roger Funk says:

Cali so sleepy

danielszemborski says:

I told my dog you said "hi." Thanks for the tips!

Sue L says:

Pretty much the same exercises I got a PT for knee arthritis! Thankyou

Edward McGowan says:

This is great, thank you. I use bands to stretch too. What app are you using for the clock? I use my phone but have to reset it all the time. 😊

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