Knee Pain diagnosis and Exercises

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In this video, I will be sharing simple tests and exercises which will diagnose your knee pain.

These tests will help with the knee pain diagnosis.

In addition, I will share the most effective therapy and exercises with you which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Time Stamp:

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Anatomy Inside of the Knee
02:19 Test for Pain on Inside of knee (MCL)
03:12 HARM Protocol
03:30 POLICE Protocol
04:44 Home Therapy MCL Sprain
06:06 Home Exercises MCL Sprain
09:21 Test for Pain on Outside of Knee (LCL)
11:11 Renne’s Test (ITB Band)
13:39 Symptoms of Meniscus Tear
13:59 Thessaly Test for Meniscus Tear
14:49 Ege’s Test for Meniscus Tear

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Levi Mendes says:

Excellent video!!!

Max Rooney says:

Brilliant! Thank you so much for the clear video! It’s the ITB for me.

Giana Eden says:

Thank you so much for this helpful video! After doing all the tests, i now know what i don't have injured in my knee which is a bit of a relief.


Can these exercises be done in a pool for low impact resistance ?

Irshad Khan says:

Love you sir.can you please tell the tests for patellar rub and its therapy oh gosh oh gosh.oh gosh not surgery oh.

Connor says:

I was running in my football game and my knee clicked randomly resulting is swelling and my knee constantly clicking and my left knee looks different than my right

fy ichokwan says:

Appreciate you and thank you for sharing your knowledge Struggling for 10 Years with my Knee pain now I’m gonna trying therapy

Zahir Hassan says:

It very helpful

Tendayi Chipango says:

Hey great video. I have a 9 yo here but I can't tell whether its the outer meniscus or the ITB band strain. Please advise. Thank you

Bhanoomatee Ramparsad says:

Thanks its help a lot

Billy MacLeod says:

Thanks. My pain on the inside of my knee isn't positive in these tests. When my knees are crossed I can feel the pain.

Keru More says:

Very nd gracefull teaching knowledge nd exercise.

sirisha duggirala says:

Thank you sir

Tsering Bhutti says:

Thank you for for the wonderful demonstration of all the knee problems. Now I know what my problem is. I was so much dependent on pills. Now I know what should I do to help my self. It really made me difference. Thanks πŸ™

EJ Yamason says:

Thank you so much. Your explain is very helpfully
God bless you always

anne newsom says:

Very informative! Thank you!

Valerie Wanjala says:

If you choose surgery of the knee joint, for how long is the healing going to take place? And for how long is the surgery going to be useful or it only help the knee for specific period of time?

Tachu Drolma says:

So profound lesson. Thank you for this massive information!

Habeeb Ahmed says:

Really helpful

Ramesh Pathi says:

πŸ‘ good one

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