4 Knee Strengthening Exercises

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Building muscle strength and balance is an essential part of recovery from knee replacement surgery. These 4 simple exercises, designed for pre- and post-surgery, can help. Brian Lehner, a personal trainer at the Sewall Healthy Living Center at Sharp Coronado Hospital, explains them.

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M1ke89 says:

When is stand on my right foot if feels like I'm inclined to much towards my right side, but when I stand on my left foot all feels normal, I dont feel like I'm inclined towards one side more trhan the other, could this be due to muscle imbalance?

Anthony Gachie says:

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ದೊರೆರಾಜು ಎಂ DK says:

Thank you sir

Move Shoove says:


My knee (not exactly my knee) the bone which connects the feet and the knee that bone is paining….
It’s like the shin bone but the bone is paining on the area of the knee pls help or tips..

juria kataura says:

i see people doing these because they got an injury, im doing this because im a catcher 🥎

Tarun Parashar says:

Hello sir .. my knee was dislocated on 1 feb 20 . Doc use the fixator for come back to the normal position now my knee move more than 90 degree but it will not go straight. So sir please help me what should i do.

Wakanda For ever says:

Ran into a wall at my school my kneecap turned black and purple in 5 seconds

Cockeyed Optimista says:

These seem to be for post-knee-replacement surgery. They're good exercises anyhow as well. But I was looking to strengthen my knees (the muscles supporting them) to Prevent or postpone surgery. I was looking for non-sitting exercises. Oh well.

Michael Johnson says:

Excellent Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried – Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (search on google)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to fix chronic knee pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at very last got great results with it.

Mr. BItcoin says:

Dude blink your eyes. 👀 your scaring me.

M villa aden says:

I can feel the pain on my knees just watching this…help 🙁

Paige T says:

Dislocated my knee about 5 months ago and I'm still doing physio as I wasn't fully grown so I couldn't have surgery

sergio manzano says:

i sprained my knee about a month ago, i felt a loud pop on the left side of my left knee while squatting a low i managed to to rack the weight but flet unable to continue the workouts. the next day there was swelling and i was unable to walk downstairs without pain, now after a month i am able to walk downstairs and have minor discomfort but sometimes my knee pops and i cant put to much weight on it

Callihan Hopwood says:

I am sure that you will find good way to learn on workouts Unflexal Workouts handbooks.

Smart One says:


kj (the kunoichi) says:

I have strained my left knee due to soccer prevsly, need to start doing such exercises to manage it…. for the love of sports😅these looks okay and not so intense👍

Lapasa Paul Henrich says:

I just dislocated my knee patella yesterday and now im really excited to do this exercise when my swollen knee heals

Meredith Heyden says:

Thank you for the advice. I recently hurt my knee really badly that ended up pushing my bone out. This really helped

Lord Vincent Redstar says:

Thank you for the great video!

Estella Rosalie says:

I have not had any sort of replacements. My knees are just very weak. It's hard for me to even stand for long periods of time. All of the tendons in my legs are very tight. I hope these exercises work for me. Thank you for the advice.

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