Strengthening Exercises for Achilles Tendon Injuries

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Strengthening exercises are important in the rehabilitation of Achilles tendon injuries such as tendinopathy and ruptures.

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Electrician Dallas Tx says:

Thanks for the concepts you have contributed here.

seansworldkc says:

What should I do if I have a lot of nerve and tingling feeling

ania krekora says:

thank you so much im a runner and lately my achiles have been hurting and its racing season

EclipseAgent says:

Is there a pain difference between a tear or just minor Achilles Tendinitis? I switched from heel striking to forefoot strikes and that made my right Achilles tender in the mornings. When I foam roll side to side I can def feel a knot in the lower calf.

Gulamabbas Khimji says:

I am Badminton Coach, and I am left handed player and in the past fw weeks I have Tendon on both my legs please can you advise what exercise you can recomend.thank you

Dani Kwong says:

I am a sprinter and it have been 4-5 weeks since my achilles injury 🙁 I really miss jumping and running around freely. I could now walk without pain but I couldn't use too much force on them when I run. says:

They aren't designed for the initial acute stages of an achilles tear, but are for mid to late stage treatment once walking is pain-free

span27 says:

Becarefull!!!! If you ve just injured your achilles, this exersice will destroy your leg! says:

Other than strengthening, did you get any treatment on it or do any other exercises…stretches etc? Have you checked your trainers are the right one for you? Surgery is an option for this condition but should not be taken lightly as even surgery is not a guaranteed fix!

nehmanator333 says:

I've had an Achilles injury for 3 years, will i need surgery to get rid of it? It got better at some points, but i would run a bit too hard and it would come back, i tried rehabilitation exercises but got lazy, now i would like to try to run again consistently, i just want to know if strengthening will help or it's too late. what information would someone need to determine that?

duckspaddling says:

Only 32% of patients with insertional Achilles tendinopathy had good clinical results with full dorsiflexion. Eccentric loading without dorsiflexion had a 67% rate of promising results." New regimen for eccentric calf-muscle training in patients with chronic insertional Achilles tendinopathy: results of a pilot study."

chocoboblue99 says:

I hurt my achilles tendon too. I can do the first exercise but not the second or third yet. says:

@thisguyjerm We have example stretching exercises on the website which you can view here: sportsinjuryclinic . net says:

@DrGyalfren Is the pain on the back of the heel, or under the heel? If it's at the back, on the bone it may be insertional achilles tendonitis or may be bursitis, or a combination of both.
Doing these exercises without pain doesn't mean your calf muscles are strong, although it is a good sign. Strength is more to do with the number you can do at what resistance.

DrGyalfren says:

Hello! When I walk first thing in the AM, my heels hurt. I also have a visible bump on both heels that 'creaks' sometimes when touched. So I'm holding off on running because I don't want to do any more damage. When I do these exercises, my heels don't hurt, so I think my calf muscles are strong. My question is: will doing these exercises, icing and stretching cause the bumps to disappear? Is that when I'll know my heels are back to normal? says:

@TheSniperInTheDark It depends on the severity of the condition and what treatment it is getting. Impossible to answer really. says:

@TheSniperInTheDark There is some controversy surrounding this. Alfredsons eccentric heel drop protocl says yes, work through pain. Other therapists say no, if something hurts you should rest it. Generally I think an aching pain is ok, but if it is a sharper pain or causes further pain the next day then you need tor est longer.

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