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New Full Length Fitness Program:

This 30 minute gentle yoga class is designed specifically for anyone suffering from back pain, sciatica pain, or lower body soreness. With a gentle increase of movement, yoga postures, therapeutic strength exercises we will be gently stimulating the back muscles, stretching the glutes and hamstrings and giving our body an opportunity to move with care. This yoga class for back pain is also great for anyone suffering from bulging disks or disk herniation.
Its very important that you listen to your body and if your body responds well to these types of exercises include them into your life everyday. The glutei stretches are great for loosing up the muscles in case your nerve is pinched in that area. The back exercises which include in gentle extensions are great for anyone suffering from disk herniation or bulging disks. Try to do these everyday to strengthen the muscles around the spine, however avoid rounding out the spine and perhaps even skip the child pose if you do suffer from disk injuries.With daily commitment, with time you will begin to feel an improvement in your back and nerve pain.

During this yoga class for all levels, you will allow your mind and body to connect deeper inward, letting go of any worries or stressful thoughts and truly giving your mind and body the gift of mindful movement, stillness, and healing. Enjoy and breathe.

Love & Light…
Juliana & Mark**

Video Location: Lumeria Wellness Retreat (Maui, Hawaii)

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Matt Walker says:

You both have improved the quality of my life without question. I’ve learned so many nuances that make all the difference. Much love to you two!

loki says:

Can i do this with piriforms

Anna Tarapygina says:


Владимир Шаварнаев says:

Она прекрасная в любом ракусе

Kirill Lapshev says:

Thank you for this amazing practice! 😁

The Artist Formerly Known as Butt says:

Good video but the lifestyle influencer grifter approach is fucking intolerable.

Why do these trust fund babies have to commodify EVERYTHING when they have the money to do whatever they want?

Edit: They hopped on the Ukraine bandwagon. I'm fucking done with this lmao

Christine Turner says:

Thank you. Tight and sore on left side, this brought relief. Thank you and Namaste. 💕🐕🇨🇦

AD Tiamzon says:


Célia Naidoo says:

Thank you so much. Namaste 🙏💖

Jennifer Stachnik says:

So helpful ❤️🙏

C Martin says:

I had so much tension in my hips and after completing all of the poses, I feel like the tension just melted away! Thank you so much. Love and light.

Susan E says:

I typically don’t comment but I had to tell you how impactful your video has been. I have had physical therapy for 6 month, done other yoga courses, and have had 4 injections in my back over the last 18month. Nothing consistently relieved my sciatica pain until I started this routine. It has changed my life. Thank you!!! Now I am trying some of your other videos.

Cathleen Vecchiato says:

I have spondylosis and it's the besg=t of all sciatica yoga or excerise on YouTube.

lori ludwig says:

Ohhhhhmmmyyyygodddd ❤️

Karma The Giant says:

July 13/2022 🌸🌎🐿


Thank you!*

Bridget Johnson says:

You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift with all.

Curly Queen says:

This exercise made wonders for me, nothing is working for lower back pain, but within 8 days this exercise swallow all the pain and soreness of my back. I dont do it daily but if sometime I feel small pain in my lower back, I do it for only 2 days and again I can go with normal days.. Thanks BohoBeautiful

Manisha Pathania says:

Thank you for this yoga vedio. Exactly what my body needed

Glenn J. Spiro says:

This was great !

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