Knee Arthritis Exercises for Seniors, lower body strengthening, exercises for the elderly

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DISCLAIMER: Though this exercise video was created to be safe and effective, any use of this exercise video assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing these exercises or utilizing suggested equipment. Remember, we are all different. Always consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise program like this one.


Amy Hoffman says:

LUNGES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED for knee arthritis and can make the condition worsen!!!!!! WARNING : from a personal trainer specialized in exercise therapy

Lucius says:

Doug Schrift, what happened that you don't make new videos anymore? That's very sad 🙁

George Hank says:

lunges are bad for people you have knee arthritis.

Donna Shelley says:

Thank you. I will be joining you at the academy. Cheers.

Amina Abshir says:

Thanks for sharing with us

Jairo Rodrigues de Lima says:

Ótimo treino parabéns professor

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