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Saba's Garden says:

Excellent 👍

lozko karamitev says:

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Laurie Swanson-Moore says:

This is a helpful video. You could do these exercise almost anywhere.

Daily Tips says:

You can get arthritis gloves reasonable here

Timothy Curnock says:

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Alastair Lewis says:

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Lionel Vasquez says:

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Don Duch says:

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Lionel Vasquez says:

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Sree's Creation says:

Thank u so much for this video

Rheumatoid Arthritis Eliminators says:

Per the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health: "Systemic mycoplasmal infections may be an important cofactor in the pathogenesis of RA, and their role needs to be explored further."

Core Cubed2 says:

Great recommendations, and simple to implement! Some additional exercises to help those with arthritis are provided in this article:

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