10 Best Physio Exercises to Ease Knee Pain

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Our 10 best exercises in the most effective combination to relieve knee pain. We prescribe these exercises to our patients and encourage frequent participation. Follow the exercises in Real-Time, simply repeat what you see as you watch our model go through the full routine. Typically, our exercises are suitable for knee pain arising from a number of causes such as arthritis, and overuse injuries.


Charmaine Enile says:

Wonderful excerises thank you

lilian lai says:

Yes, is a very useful exercise, thanks

Shaik Salima says:

Which time to do this excercises

Malliga K says:

Thank you. Very useful excercise

Dr.T.L.Xavier says:

Very Good Information….. Very Simple Presentation. Above all very simple techniques which anybody can follow easily. Keep Posting on such kind. Really amazing You are wonderfull. I am an Ayurveda Doctor from Kerala doing videos on Ayurveda treatment methods for commonly affecting issues especially for the new generation. During this lockdown period many people entering into Online platforms. It may leads to many Spinal Disorders. So i am posing videos for preventing such cases. Keep in touch. All the best.
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Sabrina Smith says:

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Rory French says:

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Tuve un accidente hace mucho tiempo y mi pierna izquierda resultó gravemente herida. Con los años, se ha vuelto muy débil y difícil de usar.

Acabo de comenzar un programa hace 2 semanas y ya estoy muy impresionado por lo rápido que ha disminuido mi dolor y lo fuerte que se está poniendo mi pierna.

¡E incluso me estoy acercando a caminar con un paso más normal! Además, levantar y transportar artículos es cada vez menos incómodo.

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Jennifer Reed says:

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Paul Dozhdev says:

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Kimberly Reilly says:

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jaya krishna reddy says:

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Fitness4U says:

Knee Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises 🚴மூட்டு வலியா ? 🏃15 Best Exercises for Knee Pain Relief 🚴⛷️
Video: https://youtu.be/jhvX33YP5h8

Irene Amaglio says:

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Renuka Achari says:

Thanks for painful knee.😘😘

Sahithya Vinodh says:

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José Crisalide says:

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