Stay Active at Home – Strength and balance exercises for older adults

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There’s an underlying myth that falls are an inevitable part of getting old. The surprising truth is our risk of a fall decreases with one thing – exercise.

Here are six simple exercises used by physiotherapists to keep muscles strong and keep us mobile and independent as we age. Try out heel raises, toe raises, heel toe stand, one leg stand, heel toe walking, and sit to stand exercises.

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Nwabu Ugoala says:

Really good, clear and informative. I think this will be a great aid for teaching falls prevention exercises to suitable patients and family members as well as staff.

Judith van Dijkhuizen says:

Great! But what pdf?

Ee Lai Kim says:

Hi, how many times to do this?

Grace Evangelista says:

Thank you very much.

Nick Anderson says:

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D Lewis says:


Short and resourceful says:

Far more useful than other videos with over talkative hosts. Thank you so much. I am mobility challenged so I walk and exercise in the pool. Now I will incorporate these exercises into mu daily routine.

Alexandra Robbins says:


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Here's a senior who is over 80 and still cutting hair in our community! What an inspiration:

Eze Phavor Shyn says:

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corecubed Care Marketing Solutions says:

This is so true – exercising to improve balance is key to avoiding senior falls, which can be catastrophic. This article shares some more helpful information on senior fall prevention:

Ahmed Nazih says:

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Lyla McIntosh says:

These are the best balancing exercises I have found, Thank you

CC says:

Excellent exercises. Thanks for these reminders.

Susan Ramm-Stager says:

Please make corrections to this video as it puts people at risk for falls.  No person with balance issues should attempt toe raises holding onto a chair- that's a setup for a fall backwards with a chair landing on top of the person.  All of these exercises shoulde be performed holding a stable surface, i.e. a counter/kitchen sink.  Any person who works with elderly with balance issues knows that they lean backwards to get their toes to raise up because they usually have tight heel cords.  In addition, sit to stand to sit chair squats would be better performed with a chair that has armrests and the chair may be placed in front of a table or counter, preventing a fall forward.  I am a  homecare PT – for 26 years.  Just trying to keep people safe out there with good tips.

sari taylor says:

But what part of body are each stretches for

Radapuram Venkatarama Varadarajalu says:

Very good, I have started and doing better confidence now.

yoe maofe says:


Lynda Dale says:

So easy to understand and simple.
I'm encouraged to do this now.
Many thanks.

Fran Banks says:

Thank you, perfect timing and easy to follow. I'll be doing these every day?

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