Single Most Important Core Exercise For Back Pain

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the Single Most Important Core Exercise For Back Pain.
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ApocalypseBlues says:

surrender – cheap trick

Krissy P says:

You guys rock

Paula Freeman-Michal says:

I now start my day with you guys with coffee. Love you !!!

JAC No name says:

sound is terrible!!! Need volume!

Keysha Cole says:

When doing the bent leg raise option of the exercises I noticed a clicking sound when lowering my left leg, no pain, just the noise. Does anyone know what is causing this??

joanncrisher says:

You’re so smart, why would you speak like that. Chickens lay, people lie! 😳

joanncrisher says:

Lie down 🤦‍♀️

Susan Peterson says:

You’ve become my daily dose of health and well-being and you don’t give yourselves enough credit when it comes to healing a broken heart. I believe you are helping mine feel healthier and happier then it has in quite some time!

Nikola Tesla1943EE says:

Comment for the algorithm

julie kane says:

Can we use a small kick ball if we don’t have a Bosu Ball

Gift Horse says:

No seriously I can’t afford pt so you guys are my solution. I also find pts expect me to have a 35 yr old body!!! In nooooo… thanks so much, I’m encouraged 🙂

Gift Horse says:

What about my 💔??? 🤨😘

Santha Devi p s says:

Very very 👍

Janet Farnsworth says:

Great exercises. Do we need the pillow under our head when doing theses exercises?

Kathy Eubanks says:

What size ball is that, please?


ˋ ♡ ˎˊ       

Cartoon Tv India says:

thank you ❤️

Samoa Moni says:

Monday ngt — September 13, 2021.

Diana McLaughlin says:

Thank you so much Drs for these videos, since I started watching and gained back pain knowledge my back pain has decreased 90%!

Mary Taylor says:

You do 60, I do 70!!!!

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