High Intensity Aqua Aerobic Workout part 1: Effective way to lose extra pounds fast!

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High Intensity Aqua Aerobic Workout is very intensive form of Aqua Aerobic.
In this 30 min workout we have 8 rounds where we alternate extremely intensive cardio moves ( 30 seconds) with 10 seconds of active recover moves; and we repeat each segment 4 times.
Expect to burn a lot of calories with this workout and lose weight quickly if done 3-5 times/ week. Good luck!


Sara Chehy says:

Hi there! Does anyone know how many calories this workout burns?

Wendy Pucek says:

You can’t see well when your on the pool so you need to count down when the 30 seconds is up & when the rest time is over… we never knew when you were starting another round

Jh says:

This workout was AWESOME!!!

MissFeliz says:

Girrrrl. I was sore the next day!!!!! TY. Going to do it again today. ❤️

Lori Mocco says:

I loved it!!!!!! PLEASE. GIVE US PART 2, if you haven't already ❤️

thetlc9 says:

LOVE this video!!!! My community pool used to have an amazing water aerobics class with similar exercises like your video, but they fired the teacher (it was an age discrimination thing sadly) and only now have minimally trained lifeguards randomly teaching the classes (they do dumb bells for the entire class and it’s so boring, no cardio!). The classes are just a waste … BUT your video has helped me create my own program now that I can do any time during open swim. Thank you so much!!!!

Connie Waldrep says:

Great workout. Thank you.

Jen Sayles says:

9 not 8? I’m doing cards to keep at the side of the pool. Great workout

MasonsLIe says:

Love your workouts! Keep em coming!

MasonsLIe says:

Yes please make part 2 but next time can you shoot what your legs are doing underwater? Either way great workout and fun!

Ana Sucena says:

Good workout

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

If you have enjoyed this workout and want to take your Aqua Experience to the next level, try On Demand Aqua Workouts. No ads, professional 4 k videos with your favorite virtual Aqua Aerobic Instructor Marzena leading you each step of the way. See you there!


Kayla E says:

Love this video I will be using these tonight in my class. Would love more like this.

Garrette says:

I really enjoy your workout. I also love the music playlist, how could I get access to your playlist?

April Davis says:

I love your workouts and this one was great. My doctor suggested aqua aerobics because of some knee and ankle injuries and I'm so glad I found your channel.

Jonelle Nel says:

I always love your workouts

Tucker Ward says:

Loved this video thank you so much! you are my queen! Sometimes I am embarrassed as a 16 year old aquarober but you make it worth it!

jill potts says:

enjoyed it!

Diane Kruger says:

Loved this. Make another.

wygfo5 says:

I really like this work-out, but because of the configuration of my pool, I can't always be watching the screen. I watch the screen for the description of the movement, but then move away (and face a different direction) to actually do it. So I would find it more helpful for audibles that countdown the last five (maybe?) seconds of both the workout and the rest time. I often would glance over at the screen and discover I should have been one of my rest periods while I'm still flinging my arms and legs everywhere!

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