10 min CHAIR WORKOUT (Intermediate). Seated workout- CARDIO- STRENGTH- CORE. Seated exercise video.

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10 Minute chair workout you will love. Get stronger, build endurance, strengthen your core all from your chair.

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Are you looking for the best exercise program for beginners and seniors? You found it. Curtis uses his 15+ years of experience to strategically craft every beginner and senior workout to maximize your results and increase your energy, strength, endurance, mobility, and balance. Join Curtis Adams, host of national senior exercise television series, for this exciting beginner and senior exercise program.
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This program is not like any other beginner and senior workout you have tried. It is exciting and the exercises are fun to do. It is not too difficult or too gentle and it is easy to follow. It is perfect for active seniors and beginners. Every exercise in this senior & beginner’s fitness program was strategically created to get maximum results. Regain your youthful ENERGY, STRENGTH, STAMINA, BALANCE with this beginner & senior workout routine. This senior exercise routine is demonstrated both standing and seated in a chair giving you the option to choose to which works best for you and allows you to go at your own pace.

• Every workout includes balance exercise for beginner & seniors and stretching exercise for seniors
• Core targeting to help REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE and strengthen your back and abs
• Great low impact workouts which are the perfect pace for beginners & seniors but still CHALLENGING and EFFECTIVE
• These exercises are SO MUCH FUN not slow and repetitive like many other exercise videos for beginners & seniors
• Invigorating beginner & senior exercise program with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS that you will enjoy for years. Great workout for beginners.
• Burn calories, lose weight, and have energy throughout the day- FEEL GOOD AGAIN with beginner & senior exercise
• Best chair exercises for seniors and beginners and exercises for beginners & seniors to do at home

Health Benefits of exercise include:
• Regaining energy and stamina
• Improving balance
• Stimulating muscle development
• Improving circulation
• Refining motor skills and coordination
• Restoring flexibility and improving range of motion

This beginner & senior exercise video is appropriate for: beginner exercise, senior workout, older adults exercise, senior citizen workouts, boomers fitness, active elderly fitness. THIS WORKOUT IS PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: All exercises are demonstrated with a modified version allowing beginners to start off slow and keep getting stronger. This is a perfect exercise program if you don’t want high impact or floor exercises.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN! You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Patricia McFeters says:

Curtis Adams

inma blanco font says:

I love seeing you guys, a good team, I have been following you for a long time but in my personal preparation I look for exercises that are not so hard, I am 64 years old and little by little I increase more according to my limitation, but I Greetings from Barcelona 🇪🇸🌍🙋🙏 Thank you

Pamela Charbonneau says:

These exercises are just what I need. Thank you.

Dianne Fowler says:

This was a great seated workout!!! Thank you Curtis.

Sandra Harris says:

Great chair session thank you

Nagaraja Koodli says:

whatever you are doing is great. May I make a request on my own, and others' behalf who have neurological problems that impair balance, and lower body strength?

can you please design an exercise that connects leg movements with upper body movements? These may recruit unused, but available parts of musculature in ataxic patients.

thanking you
Nagaraja koodli

Ann Byrd says:

Your Exercises have been Excellent my body is stronger, feeling Great All Over. God Bless you in all your teaching and sharing with our Senior Generation!!❤️

dianelirwin says:

Perfect for me today! I woke up late, but I did not want to miss a workout before work. Thanks so much!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Leah Epstein says:

Thanks Curtis! I love it!

Sierra Sue says:

Open a dictionary, look up "Enthusiasm!"… Find Curtis Adams.

Becky Collins says:

I’ve been doing your workouts for about a year & love them! I’m now doing your Advanced Work Outs, Where do I find Your “OLYMPIC WORK OUT”??. & how do I find more “Advanced Wouk outs? Thank you so much!!😀

Sherry McBeath says:

great work out for minimum time!!

Sheila Dunlap says:

Excellent. Thank you for making exercise diverse!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

J Boehm says:

Thanks again Curtis! Absolutely love working out with you! Have to say thought I prefer your 30 minute ones best.

Rosie D says:

10 minutes chair workout when I have time to workout. This is ideal. Thank you!

Cecelia Benford says:

Great for women, people going into surgery and after surgery. And yes as a “mature adult” over 50!

Susan Gee says:

Just did it now, enjoyed it . l think l will do it twice. Thank you for the workout Curtis , great

Kathy MahoneStreet says:

Great exercises!

Sharon Haines says:

I’m an Instructor, and I’m using this for my Class. Thank you 😊

Snickers says:

Great Variety, loved it! Thank you.

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