Zumba Gold Fitness – Zumba in the Chair January 2022

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Mary Hanford says:

It's hard to find a chair workout that's actually fun! They're often a little slow and boring. I used to do zumba standing quite frequently and really miss it as I can not longer exercise standing. This was a winner! Thank you!

Clara Ochoa says:

What is the fourth song? The one after Besame….I cannot recall the name of it….but I do know it is not fireball.

JoAnne Riker says:

Love these videos. I have arthritis in my knees and I'm trying to lose weight. These are fun upbeat exercises that I can do. Thank you for sharing these videos.

Elizabeth Alvarez-Torres says:

Been doing Zumba for the past two weeks now, because I had a knee surgery need to keep active. Thank you so much for putting out this video the ladies enjoy it and me as well. Bravo

Isaac SeeToh says:

Keep posting…thnx u 💖

Laura Schmuck says:

I'm still waiting for more zumba in the chair. I have severe chronic pain and I really missed doing zumba until I found your chair workout which was wonderful and I loved every bit.

Lucy Macbride says:

Just found this, I have tied other's but this is by far the best so far. Keep them coming Jess. Xx

Rowena Odom says:

This was amazing. I really enjoyed it. Thanks

Shari says:

Became temporarily paralyzed 9 months ago. Haven’t been able to do cardio workouts since. I so appreciate such a workout that focuses on disabled people. Thank you

Laurel Scharfenberg says:

Fantastic! Love it.

Laura Schmuck says:

I hope you do more zumba in the chair. I had so much fun!!

Fluffyduck Quack says:

I am really enjoying these chair zumba classes, they are the most enjoyable ones I have found. Please could you post some more?

Jessica Galvin says:

❤️ This class. Please 🙏 keep posting more of these! Thank you.

Jess 😊

Karey Spirit says:

How do I save your videos. So I can watch them another day?

Anita Bartel says:

It would be nice to have your playlists.

Anita Bartel says:

Loved this with my bad back and knee problems!

Ashleah Myers says:

I work in a Memory Care facility, and they love exercising with the help of your videos! Please make more!!!

Y V says:

So glad you made another one!

Centre A says:

Do you have more videos. We absolutley love your excercises.

heleva middleton says:

More more love it!

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