Stretch Your Hamstrings and Save your Low back/Sciatic Nerve

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This active stretch to the hamstrings is excellent at targeting the hamstring muscles and the hamstring muscles ONLY. Too many times we see “hamstring” stretches that are actually stretching the back, irritating back pain, or zinging the sciatic nerve! If the goal is to stretch the hamstrings, this is the way to do it, safely. Schedule online at to work with one of our San Diego Chiropractors and determine the cause of your pain today!

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Marilyn Weitz says:

Another question from me… Your stretch routine does it also help to strengthen those muscles??? I know that in most cases weak glutes is the problem for tight hamstrings. I see that you go into hamstring stretches before firing up the glutes. You don't mention and I cannot see where strengthening is apart of the stretch. Can you give feed back??? Thank you

Marilyn Weitz says:

Today my doctor suggested that i stretch the hamstring for the improvement of sciatica and to start a walking regimen. Thank you for the hamstring routine. In doing them how many…5, 10, or 20 each with reps of 3,5 or 7 ????? Thxs🤓 oh how many times a day or how many times a week. I have real tight hamstrings and quads.

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