Simple exercises for sciatica

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Chiropractor and U of A master’s student in rehabilitative medicine James Lemieux demonstrates some simple exercises to ease sciatic pain.


Stephen Vincent says:

I’m 77 and my knee cracks a lot every time I carry out these stretch exercises- should I be concerned?

Jason Sommers says:

I try to do these but it hurts to bad. I can do maybe 5 of the sitting stretches and can't even attempt the laying down one. I'm so sick if this.

paul deakin says:

I wish I could raise my leg as quick and as far as she did. She's too calm to have proper sciatica

Deborah Lockette says:

Thank you! I will do these exercises daily!

Ali Jan Bughio videos says:

thanku so much it helped a lot

Ali Qazilbash says:

What about the rest of us? Which exercise would you recommend for us?

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