Insertional Achilles Tendonitis HOME Treatment [Stretches & Exercises]

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🦶Do you have insertional Achilles tendonitis back of the heel pain?🦶

We go over the best insertional Achilles stretches, Achilles tendon pain massage and Achilles tendon exercises to get rid of your Achilles tendon pain & Achilles tendonitis!

This guide will go over back of the heel pain due to insertional Achilles tendonitis with a focus on stretching, exercises and massage!

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Michigan Foot Doctors says:

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Catherine Devald says:

As a life long bartender, I tore my calf muscle from over use in 2016. Once it healed, the achilles tendonitis started. If I don't stretch for a few days, I can feel it tighten back up and it starts to hurt. Most of these stretches I already knew about but the hamstring one is new to me and I'm going to start to incorporate that one too!

Jamal Uddin says:

Can I use the bio freeze post surgery??

Tendr Place says:

I got it by sitting for two yrs during the COVID. MY OTHER LEG HAS A HORRIBLE PAINFUL KNEE.

Jamal Uddin says:

I just tore my Achilles tendon. Going to Michigan orthopedic surgeon on Friday for surgery. Hope it goes well

Christopher Mitchell says:

6 weeks into my latest episode and finally feeling better. Uneven ground and steep hills is what gets me.

Andres Molinares says:

Rolled my ankle pretty bad playing ultimate frisbee about 2.5 months ago and ive been fighting this achilles pain since, really hoping that this is something that goes away and not something i need go live with 😞

Sheldon Kaz says:

I got mine playing pickleball!

Sahak Dulguerian says:

This was the most thorough explanation, excellent video!

Niasia Rodriguez says:

I was shot through the front of my right foot and it came out my achilles. Will it be possible for me to walk again?

Terry Baumann says:

Most informative video I have seen on this! Thank you!

SAC PAC says:

I have Achilles tendonitis. I got it from starting to exercise after I became a fat bastard. I'm going to get even fatter now I can't run around.

Mohammed Judeh says:

Isn't stretching bad for insertional achilles tendonitis? I'm struggling trying to get back to shape and have all these tools and don't know what to do.

mahima's says:

My children angles and feet is different

Charlie Gueli says:

Incredible video. Best one I’ve seen full of great info. It’s been 9 months with this pain. Thanks. Is there any value in going to a chiropractor for this?

Peldyn - Life with Cats says:

I have bursitis and tendinitis. I forgot my running shoes when I went on a cruise and walked on the treadmill every morning only wearing keds type shoes with no support 🙁
I will never make that mistake again. I iced and took nsaids. Then went to see my ortho doc and got a cortisone shot. He wants me to do physical therapy so here I am looking for good exercises.

Abu Nation says:

I got it while doing calf raises on the leg press machine.

Mohamed Gamal says:

dear sir ,
why passive stretch of tendon achillis is contraindicated in rigid flat feet ?

Brittany Keith says:

Running hills – too much too fast. It’s been bothering me off and on for a year now. 🙁

Theo Madden says:

I got it from skateboarding for 4 hours

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