Climbers Do You Have Elbow Tendinitis? Learn These Quick Tests and Keys to Treatment

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Do you have elbow tendinitis and pain at your medial epicondyle or lateral epicondyle? This brief but thorough overview of elbow tendinitis background, tests and treatment can help you understand this injury and improve your recovery. We constantly use our elbows when rock climbing, golf, tennis and other sports, and the balance of breakdown/recovery can be thrown off with too much volume, intensity or changes to your program. Once started, the process of tissue breakdown can be hard to reverse without help.

There are many medical treatments but exercise and movement at the right dosage and frequency (the correct loading response) is by far the best and most effective strategy.

This video contains the following sections:
0:32 Intro
0:44 Key Concepts
5:38 The Elbow Tendinitis Tests
6:39 Keys to Treatment
7:14 Flexbar Exercises
8:18 Progressing to DeadHangs

Burke is a physical therapist and rock climber who works with adventure athletes to help them overcome the obstacles and challenges inherent in sports performance. Find out more about Burke and his team at

This video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace good quality medical diagnosis and care.


outforpresidents says:

Do you have any advice if the flexbar starts hurting the forearm.

I've had tennis elbow for over a month, I started with the red flexbar and the top of my forearm muscle started swelling and hurting.
Should I downgrade to a yellow bar or just do isometrics?

My elbow doesn't hurt much in daily life but I don't want to make it worse

AO JIAO says:

Super helpful video! Was having this elbow problem 3 sessions ago and this is the exact video I'm looking for. Thank you so much, Berk!

Rasmus Hjelt says:

My elbow starts hurting once I start climbing, the pain can get pretty severe at the start of the session and then it subsides. An hour or so after the session my elbow feels completely normal again. What should I do?

Gopi N says:

Very helpful in my case

Shawn Brown says:

Thanks bro, the information in this video was definitely helpful!

Chad Tuinman says:

Great video, thank you very much

TG8 says:

Thanks for this. I'm wondering how long I should wait to get back on the wall — I only felt the pain with the last test, the palpation

pineapple time says:

I have more a feeling of puffiness in my elbow and very mild pain and slight discomfort when climbing is thus tendinitis?

Håård says:

Thank you so much for this beautifully informative video, brother.

Isabelle Fernandez says:

Didn't know about the wrist stabilizer. I have one and will use it while ditching the arm band. Also just got a gyro ball. What is your opinion on them? Tx.

Shailesh Barge says:

Thank you so much for your video.

Really helpful.

Few doubts-

1. Should we do icing or heating during rehab ?

2. Should we do these activities once a day or twice? (Morning n evening both?)

Please guide.

Thank you in anticipation.

loke senpai says:

Thank you 🙏

robert jones says:

Thanks, very informative. I noted that there are different resistant levels of Flexbars. I am not a climber. Do you think a non climber would do fine with just exercising with the lowest resistance of Flexbar?

Mark Stoudt says:

I never knew I was supposed to do exercises to help! I always tried resting my arm as much as possible. Thank you for having a video that is short, informative and to the point!!!!!

Sur Real says:

At 1.75x speed it's a good video, thanks

Corn 4Life says:

I am excited to try this. I am not a climber but came here anyway. I think painting may have messed my elbow up unless computer mouse just all of a sudden irritated me. Than you for these solid exercises that I can do.

Phil Knights says:

Great vid .just a quick question.can I still climb with bad arms during my recovery I only go once a week

נדב עמרם says:

Hi I was injured during weight training a week ago I felt pain in my inner elbow and also trained two days later until I saw that it did not many days of rest should I take? And can I go back to lifting weights gradually after a few days of rest? .. I am stressed and would be very happy if you answer me.
yours Nadav

Haaribo says:

Had this problem for 5 months now, will try these

John Maldaner says:

I have never used a flex bar and do not know what color (degree of stiffness) to get! I do have a strong history with isometric exercise, if that matters.

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