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Today we are looking at Joe’s acute onset Achilles pain during the warm up before playing football 3 weeks ago. He played the game out through, worsening the pain which aggravated the problem and flared up the tendon further. This occurred due to a 2-week increase spike in total tendon load, as he played increased game time and started mixed netball mid-week as
well – this increased load was obviously too much too soon for his Achilles
tendon, leading to this breakdown.

We originally thought it was a reactive Achilles tendinopathy – so after a week’s rest to let the acute inflammation settle we started loading the tendon daily – first with bodyweight isometric single leg
calf raises then progressing to heavier weighted isometrics, then progressing first to bodyweight through range calf raises before adding weight.

After 1 week with no improvement, and some days feeling flared up and worse, we realised there was still a decent amount of inflammation in and around the Achilles tendon – which isn’t normal in a true tendinopathy. So what it needed was rest and anti-inflammatory measures to let the area settle, plus some soft tissue release to the calf muscles.

With appropriate rest and anti-inflammatory measures this should settle in 1-2 weeks, and Joe will be able to return to his normal exercise of running and sport, without having to do any formal calf rehab or strengthening.

We’ll touch base in 2 weeks and show you with some return to exercise testing and see how it’s improving!

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Abdulla Abbasi says:

Hi Tim,

I sprained my ankle about a month ago. rested it for 2 weeks, then resumed normal basketball activities to later experience achillies pain. Any tips?

Dewy rugby says:

I sprained my ankle 5 weeks ago and have had some mild pain around my Achilles pain since the start along with the other symptoms . Is this normal ? Or should I get reassessed

fbi says:

Should I do this exercise if even walking is hard & painful for me?

Homebased says:

I hit a shot at football last week and I was in so much pain 🔥🔥

C Joe says:

Fun question: Do physios get sports injuries?

Martha Oregel says:

I have 2.8 rupture since May 34, 2021
I am able to walk with a slidely limping, squat, bend my knee to the wall with no pain. Is it true that the tendon is like a rubberband ? What are the consequences in a long term if I don’t do the surgery. I am 51 years old. Would I be ok if I don’t do surgery? Please tell me if I do need a surgery or not? Thank you so much.

24Dinho says:

I think I have this same exact issue

Hugo Gonzalez says:

What kind of cream do you recommend ?

Iamforthewin says:

hey tim I have a question, after being able to do elevated calf raises with weights on one leg, do you think I can return sports if I have no pain the day after those exercises

Nick Humphries says:

Hey Tim, great video! I have the same issue. When you say to rest for a week, what kind of exercise would you still allow? Cheers

trawee says:

Thanks TIm very informative. What are your thoughts on some therapists these days saying that there are no such things as "Knots" or "adhesions" in soft tissue structures. Thanks

José Neto says:

Thanks for sharing your expertise with us! 👏👏👏👏👏

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