Shoulder Tendonitis Exercises for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

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Shoulder exercises are great for shoulder tendonitis pain relief. This inflammation to the tendons in your shoulder can be the rotator cuff tendons or even the biceps or triceps tendons. There doesn’t always have to be inflammation with the pain, and this is called rotator cuff tendinopathy. Shoulder tendonitis exercises can help ease the pain in the shoulder. Shoulder tendonitis stretches:

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Shoulder Tendonitis Exercises for Pain Relief:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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ap maz says:

Thank you so much!!! Thank you!!! I have been diagnosed with shoulder tenonditis for almost a year and although I have no pain it is so uneasy feeling. They said it would remain like it for all my life, but after I did your excercises I feel so so so much better. I hope God brings good things to you and I wish you the best🔝🔝

Pratik Rokade says:

I am suffering from suprinatus tendonoises from almost a year.please help me out

Pratik Rokade says:

Hello mam .I am doing this exercise form 2 weeks.but sometimes it pains .so should I continue it ?

Praneet Komandur says:

How often should I do these exercises? I have stiffness and aching on my right shoulder. Not much sharp pain

Steph S says:

Would everyday be too often to do this?

Walter Naumann says:

Great video. Thank you. I’m going to do them today. I thought my tendinitis that I developed at CrossFit had gone away, but the other day I tried to do a handstand, and I immediately felt a pinch on my left shoulder. But I’ll focus on the recovery and have fun with the process than to complain and mope around. 💪 Thanks for the video. 🙌

Matthew Carson says:

Thank you Dr Jo, the excerise in this video stopped my shoulder pain. I was suffering for 1.5 years and tried many things. I have joined your Patreon to say thanks 🙂

Kurinchi Vendhan says:

All are very effective for my shoulder pain. Simple but super good….Thanks Dr.Jo

Top Losers says:

I do exercises but my shoulder joints click. I need to do this rehab but will doing this everyday with my joints clicking will it make things worse? Im 59

Muhammed jawara says:

should I have to do them everyday before my workout or after my workout and how many minutes plz

দ্যা ভেরাইটিজ says:

Thank you doctor,
I started now for pain,hope get feel bettar

simone semple says:

Hi, I have been doing the shoulder exercise. It has helped, along with yoga. Thank you! Dr. Jo!


Hi doctor Jo, I have shoulder tendonitis and there is a clicking sound whenever I move my arms and shoulder by raising laterally. May I ask if would it still be possible to get rid of that clicking even if the pain is gone or the tendonitis is gone? Or the pain will stay forever?? Pls reply to this Doctor Jo, I really need your heeelp!! Thank you for this vid and in advance.

Lernie Wojack says:

I have a question for you and your viewers. I keep seeing exercises for shoulder pain. I do not have shoulder pain but a stiffness on my upper arm that I cannot raise my arms very much. Any exercises for this?

ordude123 says:

what would u recommend for supraspinatus tendonitis? the pain radiates all over my torso and even causes my chest to pop like its costo. idk what to do anymore. i tried everything and nothing really solves it. help!

Tanya Washington says:

Should these exercises be done everyday or just 3 to 4 times a week?

Nakimi says:

Thank you soooooo much!!

Anne- Gabrièle Douce says:

Thank you so much for this video! You're way more efficient than all the doctors I've seen these last few months. Thank you again! 💋

Rakesh Gupta says:

I live in India, have been suffering the right shoulder pain for the past few weeks. Physiotherapy provides only temp relief, the Ortho has prescribed some medication which I am taking, and shoulder exercise. I find this set of exercises useful, please advise how to buy the printed booklet since my Indian debits cards would not be accepted, and I don't use credit cards. Thank you.

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