Pilates for Painful Knees- 30 minutes to Strengthen the Knees and Relieve Knee Pain

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This is a 30 minute pilates workout to relieve knee pain. It is for anyone who is experiencing issues with their knees and wants an exercise programme to safely strengthen them as well as help with knee pain relief. These exercises will focus on correct knee alignment and knee tracking as well as building strength in all the muscles that support the knees- lower leg muscles, upper leg muscles, muscles directly around the knee, the hip, glute and the core muscles. It can be used as part of Active recovery programme for people who are very sporty such as runners and dancers who are starting to get a few issues with their knees. I have also created this programme for people with arthritis in their knees who want a knee safe programme that will build strength in their legs whilst keeping them free of exercises that cause pain. Taking this class regularly and consistently will improve strength, mobility and awareness of correct knee alignment. And I would recommned it to be taken at least twice a week.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that you consult your Doctor or Healthcare Professional before starting any exercise programme. If you experience any pain or discomfort during this workout you should stop immediately and if necessary seek medical attention. When participating in any exercise or exercise programme, you agree that you do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself. By using this video you understand and agree that Rachel Lawrence- The Girl with the Pilates Mat- will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or loss you may suffer as a result of undertaking the workout.


Nancy Bradford says:

Injured my knee last week. Thank you for helping me heal it. 🥰

Jean Rothman says:

I love your video classes! Thank you!

tanveer jamil says:

Thanks Rachel 😊

Maike van otterdijk says:

Thank you very much for your excellent lessons You are by far the best Pilates teacher I ever met.

carole cohen says:

have done this exercise a few times now and can feel the benefit Thank you

Diana King says:

I feel this will really help and thank you

Chris Harris says:

First time I've tried the chair exercises, feels good, thank you

lorrie beauchamp says:

Just wanted to add my thanks to all the others. This is the best video for arthritic knees that I have found. I have been doing it daily for 3 weeks now, I went from hobbling around to pain free trail walks now! My dog thanks you too. Tremendous gratitude.

Patricia Tennyson says:

Had left knee surgery twice. The first was due to a tumor. The second was due to the fact that I broke the prosthetic due to doing Zumba. On the first surgery, to get to the tumor they made an incision which ran from a bit below the knee all the way up to the mid-thigh. On the second surgery they used the same incision to get in but this time time the incision ran much higher. They also had to remove some of the bone due to the type of prosthetic they had to put in. The result, my left leg is a bit shorter than my right and from what my surgeon told me he had to make my tendon shorter and tighter. The incision runs right down the middle of my left thigh right on top. I have been having issues with the knee ever since. But Now I seem to be having weight barring issues and problems with balance. I feel it more when I walk up stairs. Going down not to bad. Like you I was a former dancer so I still have been able to maintain my flexibility but now I’m also having issue’s with balance. My balance seems to be worse on the left as a-pose to my right. Any suggestion as what exercises I can do to increase my weight barring and balance. I just saw my surgeon not to long ago. They took x-rays and everything came out good. I am a “young” 74. I do yoga 5days a week and a Senior Fit class twice a week. Each class is about 60mins long. I have been exercising since 2010( that’s when the first surgery was done), yoga a bit longer. Prior to that I was performing. So, can you recommend any specific exercises that will focus on weight barring and balance? I would love to get back into dance in some form. They only thing my doctor told me NOT to do is NO more high impact jumping….in essence NO MORE ZUMBA!!!!!!😉

Lolita Miranda says:

Loved this thank you for the workouti did these 2 exercises today and i felt better .

Lesley Rodwell says:

Love your pilates sessions. Lesley Australia😀

Maríe Duvanced says:

🥰 love it !thank you 🙏🏻

Zuhra Hameedi says:

Thank so much dear 👍

Niru Porecha says:

Loved it. Thank you

Niru Porecha says:

Thank you. Loved it

Niru Porecha says:

Thank u so much. Hope to keep it up

Alina Popescu says:

REALLY USEFUL exercises! I don't do them all, but I do most of them and they are really, really helpful. Thank you!

mrb257 says:

Brilliant session.Thank you some .

delaram joudi says:


Noncedo Ndlozi says:

Done thanx very much 4 yr time giving us exersices be blessed👏👏❤❤💋💋

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