Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain Stretch routine

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 Get rid of neck pain and shoulder pain with this quick stretching routine that can be done anytime. A few minutes of exercises will provide relief for an achy neck and shoulders!

Do you have neck pain or shoulder pain? NO FUN. Not being able to twist side to side or feel distracted by a constant ache is the worst. Why do you have neck pain and how do you get rid of it? Read on for relief.

What Causes Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain?

Sitting at a computer (or iPhone!) all day with the head and neck in the same position leaves can cause neck pain and tight, stiff, and sore shoulders. But the computer isn’t the only culprit: stress can add to the problem. When you experience high levels of stress, the rib cage can drop slightly, causing the shoulders and upper back to round forward into a slouch. If you are feeling anxious, not sleeping properly, or pushing your body to the max, you may suffer from neck pain and shoulder pain as a side effect of stress.

Exercises to help Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

There is so much you can do to help your neck pain and shoulder pain get better. The list of neck pain and shoulder pain exercises below will help you feel relief. But before you get started, lets talk about your posture!

Before you get started : FIX YOUR POSTURE for Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain relief long term

While all of the moves on the below list will help loosen your shoulders, relieve tension, and increase flexibility, fixing your posture should be your first stop. Think of it as the gateway to the rest of the exercises. When you have better posture you experience less neck pain and shoulder pain as a result. To help yourself correct your posture:

Posture correction exercise: From a standing position, slouch slightly forward. Now, overcorrect to an upright position with a slight bend to the upper back (without putting pressure on the neck or low back). You might want to place your thumb between your shoulder blades to make sure you’re feeling the movement in the right place: your upper back and shoulder blades. Repeat 3 to 5 times in each direction.

Neck pain and shoulder pain relief exercises IN VIDEO. Relieve neck pain and shoulder pain by taking a few minutes to move through this guided exercise routine. You can use this video daily for relief from neck pain and shoulder pain.

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I hope these neck pain and shoulder pain relief exercises enable you to feel better in your body. Let me know in the comments below if you use this video! I hope your neck and shoulders feel better. Sending positive energy to you!

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Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain Stretch routine.


Caroline Jordan

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Abdul Ahad Lone Lone Abdul Ahad says:

Very very Thankful to you You Guide very nicely

Abdul Ahad Lone Lone Abdul Ahad says:

Very nice Thanks

Jay Simbro says:

Thank you. Very effective

Vanessa says:

How often would you recommend completing this routine within a week?

Karima Kanani says:

Carolyn . You re exercises stretches are Medicine to my body.🙏🙏🙏

Kerry burke says:

I have chronic neck pain from an ATV accident and when I do these stretches, it reduces my neck pain by 75%. Best video for neck stretches. I work on the computer all day and I can put in more time after I do these stretches.

MrsP says:

This is the BEST neck/shoulder stretch. I have had neck pain forever, have tried a few diff stretching/yoga exercises nothing helps. I did this the other day and every day since, I have no more pain in my left shoulder, neck.
I love it, even had my husband do it … HE even liked it. And he doesn’t do videos !!

Scott G says:

I’ve had tight scalenes and arm pain for years. These stretches have helped me reach no pain days. Thank you very much!

David Parks says:

Great routine;)

Gopal Vaidyanathan says:

I have benefitted a lot from these exercises. Thanks caroline for this video.

Laura Lawler says:

So goood!!!

Bidisha Biswas says:

My pain went away in 1 session only ! Loved it. Thanks Caroline

Paras Subba says:

Thank you for your videos. Great

Brooke Zhuang says:

Thank you Caroline! Such a nice stretch.

Daniel Decena says:

I loved streching this keeps me going 🥰 Thanks frm Phil.🇨🇿

Candi Cunningham says:

Thank you SO much Caroline! That was fantastic! You are so wonderful for putting these great stretch sessions up online for everyone’s health and improved wellness. I found your videos yesterday, when I needed to stretch out my psoas (and my sore hip). I have already shared your content with my running friends and nursing coworkers. Keep it up! ❤️🤗🙌

jen Phillips says:

This works on my 58yo shoulders and back, thankyou

Maria Wings Fitness says:

I have another routine that's 20 minutes long. It's pretty long just for neck but it works if you do it for a week straight. I usually repeat the routine every 2-3 weeks

Ryan Drewrey says:

These exercises helped get me back into shape after back surgery.

I'm on 120 days of stretches and mobility workouts in a row, so I've watched this video literally hundreds of times.

Thank you so much!

Wendy 💜 BTS Being Adorable says:

I work on the computer all day and my shoulders get so tight and achy. Following this video really loosens up my neck and shoulders and makes them stop hurting. Thank you!

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