Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief (4 Strength Exercises | 10 minutes)

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Have you tried stretching or other exercises for your neck or shoulder pain, but have not found relief?

After only 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks, these four exercises using a resistance band have been shown to reduce work-related neck and shoulder pain. 

Introduction (0:00)
Exercise #1 (0:22)
Exercise #2 (0:48)
Exercise #3 (1:05)
Exercise #4 (1:26)
Programming (1:44)
Article Review (2:34)
Summary (4:31)

Long ribbon band-
Long loop band-
Tube bands-
Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


E3 Rehab says:

Don't forget to check out the blog with references:

BeeSaucy Skateboarding says:

How did they not increase strength doing strength training that makes absolutely 0 sense

Mekbib Tarekegn says:

Hey, I was wondering if it's ok to do these exercises with the other exercises in the neck strengthening exercises video?

Eliza Britton says:

Anybody else here use to work in a physical job? I worked in a factory for 13 years, then a server for 10. Both jobs very intense. Take care of your health or we pay for it later.

Brandon says:

What exercises and/or supplements do you recommend for improving circulation to heal neck and shoulder nerve compression injuries?

aXel Red says:

is it suppose to be done by both hands one after another? if yes are the 2 sets total or for each side?

Jumbo says:

I feel stretches in that zone, specifically in the interior, in the neural plexus i believe, this exercise will help or it is not related?

Philip Kim says:

Thank you for always providing high quality contents that are really helpful. Thank you.

Thibaut Destexhe says:

I follow since 1 year now and I will be a Belgian physiotherapist in January ! You are wonderful and I learn more in 1 year on exercices, activity modification etc than on all my studies in university 🤩🤩

mhz says:

upright raw almost destroyed my sholders🥺

HyperCynic says:

Uh, why do you use Eminem's logo as your logo? That seems kind of strange and trademark infringing.

AMR Physiotherapy says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Maureen Sigurdson says:

Thank you! So informative, no long drawn out blah blah blah- straight to the point!!! Thank you

Ken Shao says:

What would be the proposed mechanism of improvement in outcomes, if the participants didn't actually get stronger? If it's just the simple fact that they moved a little more and more blood-flow and decreased metabolic stress; wouldn't walking or just simple AROM activities be just a helpful?

Daybee P says:

I will definitely try these I’ve been dealing with neck/shoulder pain due to sitting a lot at work. I’m a also forced into a forward head position. I try to stay at a correct posture but it’s difficult. Thanks 🙏

Nick Byrne says:

Thank you, I assume this is to target weak Lats and Rhomboids, probably due to over sitting in a bad position ( beach muscle exercises) , they have become weakened over time, also I assume that – when you stretch these already elongated muscles it make things worse. I couldn't work out why all the stretching I was doing wasn't helping- this makes sense- correct me if im wrong – – with regards to a routine, do you think this would be ideal to make as the main routine to focus on, – I think if we work on other muscles that are already tight – such as pecs this would only make things worse- I know there are so many variables when it comes to this sort of exercise prescription, but as an athlete, I never realised how important focusing on doing more pulling is important for overall balance. I appreciate the quality content –

Rod in Toulouse says:

Perfect timing, as usual. Thank you

godc123 says:

can we do a row that engages both sides at the same time or just keep it to single arm?

Vivek Anandh says:

I have mild nerve inflammation on C5, C6, T1 and brachial plexus posterior cord. Have left arm pain. Can I try these?

A M says:

upright rows are good for you now?! :O

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