Meniscus Tear Rehab & Exercises (Stretching | Strength | Plyometrics)

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Do you have knee pain related to a meniscus tear? Check out this video for a comprehensive rehab plan, and a discussion on why surgery might not be the best option.

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Meniscus Tears (0:12)
Surgery (1:07)
Exercise Program (4:45)
Summary (18:13)
Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


E3 Rehab says:

Thanks for watching! If you're looking for the references, be sure to check out the blog!

A Limon says:

Thank you so much for your work!

Siphan Pich says:

I am 50 yrs and I have meniscus problems and arthritis. Could I do this exercise?

L K says:

Can you please do one for ac joint

Ivan Tentsuki says:

Really great video, very informative and comprehensive. Thanks for posting it

charliand angga says:

I hope i can play football again

Cynthia Machuga says:

wow. I didn't realize I'm babying my knees so much. some of the exercises you're doing look scary. I injured my knee by coming down angels landing too quickly last year and I need to do something to help it. just guasha and walking is helping but its not enough. I give it a try after my toe heals from a break.

Functional Progress says:

Thanks a lot, amazing explain, really complete video about the topic

Sany Ahmed says:

I am having a grade 3 posterior horn of a medial meniscus tear on my there any to fix way without surgery?

afrah zhrani says:

Immmm symptoms related to type of tear

Picz ArT says:

Is there anh specific timeline when should we start those exercises?or we should depend the set of exercises of program on the s/sx to and capability of the patients at that time

phillipp espino says:

Worth watching. Thanks! My knee problem keeps on coming back. But i am not doing exercise. Will do this asap.

Anthony Shlemon says:

Imagine being told 5 years after a surgery you got pranked.

Hazirah Hishamuddin says:

My knee suddenly feels like moving while I was playing badminton (I didn't fell). I want to do MRI since the doctor said it wasn't the bone. But the doctor gonna sent me for physio before deciding whether I should have MRI. Hmmm and the physio appointment date is a month later.

So yeah I think your video will help me doing my own physio/rehab while waiting for the day of my appointment. Thank you!!!

Marcin Kot says:

Hey, should i be doing all that on both sides or only the side with bad knee?

Kobe Fanforever says:

I’m a professional athlete and had a scope 6 weeks ago(lateral meniscus tear), also had a bone bruise. So far Every week my knee has gotten better. I trust my knee now to sort of make cuts(used to feel a burning sensation when I cut or exploded off of it). Only issue now is the incisions are where my bone bruise were, but they had to drill on that side of my knee to get to the meniscus, so when I run i feel sharp aches(It’s 5am rn and I’m about to workout later so maybe it’s better 🤷🏽‍♂️). And when I shoot the ball my knee tends to go inward(where the incision is) and I come up short on my jumpshot cause I feel it tuggin me. Anyway I will give updates if anybody wants because before my surgery I was looking for people who had the same injury.

Adel Mamdouh Awad says:

Can I get a pdf to the rehabilitaion program following surgery?

Ian Howard says:

Will i be able to ice skate when my knee gets back to normal?

Farooq Zubair says:

i feel a little bit pain during these exercises should i continue doing this or not

Taner Yelkovan says:

This is exactly what I was looking after to improve my knee function after the arthroscopic surgery few months ago.
Appreciate that you share such a valuable video with us 🙏

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