Knee Strength Exercises with no full knee bend (No Squats)

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Deep knee bend can be challenging and even painful if you have issues with your knees. The good news is there are knee strength exercises that require no full knee bend. here are 5 Knee Strengthening exercises that require no squats. Another great part is your ankle strength will get some love too! Enjoy.


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A full 5 exercise knee friendly workout. There is a way to start strengthening your knees even if you have knee pain! This is low impact knee workout with no jumping or squatting designed to get your knees healthy and on track. Strengthen your knees the right way, don’t put up with pain and discomfort, take control of your lower body today.


Strength Side says:

How do your knees feel watching this? ha 🤙
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K C says:

Can you suggest a list of favorite minimalist shoes?

Brian Sawyer says:

….. “Knees” in what described???

Long Live Casanxva says:

yes! please recommend shoes!

Reed featherston says:

Japanese gardening shoes, jika tabi, are great minimalist shoes as well

رضوان حس says:

for anybody saying this is bad for the knees they are wrong the whole purpose of the knees is to bend period plus says the person who has never done this in their life and has knee pain i know because i've been there done that before i had knee pain i was doing taekwondo and we used to do knee circles shown in the video i never had pain after i quit taekwondo for reasons and then started fitness i heard the advice don't let your knees over toes guess what it did knee pain learn from my mistake

Zelmira says:

Why would orthodpaedic doctors recommend arch support and good overall foot support in shoes like Sketchers? I recently had foot pain and once I started using an orthopaedic insole, my pain went away. I was used to using flat slippers and walking barefoot. So my experience is the opposite of what he says.

Alexis Newman says:

Please do a video on shoes and why to go minimalist! I actually always wonder what shoes you're wearing 🙂

Aaron Schweitzer says:

Hi! I'm in Austin and would love to meet up and exercise. Person to person connection if possible.

Storefront Living at Vinewood Market says:

Yes please let us know. I bought a pair not realizing what I was getting. At first I didn't like them, now I love them. But I don't really know if I have a good brand

A Little Box Of Memories says:

I look like an old man getting up off the floor after playing with our dog, my knees are painful and i have been serious these last three months to getting some help.
James a PT puts me onto Knnesovertoesguy so i start walking backwards.
Bruce a physiotherapist says my muscles are too tight so i start on a roller (so so painful)
Katrina my masseur works on my muscles
James becomes MY Personnal trainer and we do many exercises to strengthen ALL leg muscles. 
TBH not alot of improvement after 3 months. 
I am now going to roll it back in, like Josh says and start again.
Quality videos, chilled and doable.

Osmar Coelho Filho says:

Great video. Instead of the knee rotation, I prefer (safer to me) the rotation of one knee each time like a spoon stirring up movement. Best, o

Lloyd Stanley Huddy says:


kelly torvik says:

great video. thanks :}

Michelle Ware says:

Interesting about the shoes. Had no idea. I hate flat shows wih no padding as it feels very uncomfy on my knees when walking on pavement. I can feel it my hips a bit as well. Love my Nike but might get a good pair of flatter shoes and try get used to them. A vid on the benefits of flatter shoes would be good.

AnnaBlueStar says:

Yes please to info re the shoes. Love your work. Thank you

Bad Santa says:

I saw this shit on kneesovertoes guy, hurt my knees which were perfectly fine before doing it.

Avery Carter says:

Toe Stance 0:30
Single leg balance with taps 1:39
Knee Circles 2:29
Toe Raise 3:20
Half Kneeling Squats 4:07

Liz Lemon says:

Great info. Thx. for providing this service.

John D‘oh says:

Your videos changed my idea of "sport" and the perception of my body completely. I discovered your channel about 2 weeks ago and started with "The only 5 stretches you need for good flexibility" and added with the time some of your other suggestions and some yoga. It is the first time in years that i´m free of pain in my knees and feet. I can´t thank you enough 🙂
Could you also make a video on strengthening the arms, i.e. the shoulders, elbows and wrists?

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