How To Fix Knee Pain While Stretching – Knee Pain During Hip Stretches

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Get knee pain during hip stretches? Learn how to fix knee pain. Watch this video for a simple trick to reduce knee pain when you’re doing stretching. When you’re trying to improve your hip mobility, you may get knee pain. If you get knee pain while trying to stretch your hips, this simple adjustment can relieve your knee pain. The goal with all hip stretching is to make sure your hip muscles are getting challenged. You should not be stretching so intensely that you hurt the muscles and tendons that meet at the knee! By creating a little bit of internal rotation (i.e. reducing the external rotation) at the tibia, your knee will feel a whole lot better!

One hip stretch nobody talks about for hip pain:
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Upright Health says:

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Langley Channel says:

This is helpful thanks

David Rumfellow says:

Wow I’ve been dealing with this problem recently. Thanks so much for making this

Mit Tressler says:

Thank you so much 👍👍👍

Amalia Grassi says:

A new sub here.

Sangeun Lee says:

it's really really really helpful. Thank you so much 🙂

Veronica Swartz says:

Thank u for that info because that's what happen with my knee …so funny how we are insinc

Wagheji Technical says:

What about standing quad stretch. I feel knee pain while doing standing quad stretch. What should I do?

Allen Fung says:

this is now the TOADally stretch

Lilian Tessa says:

I just started to massage ball my glutes, and my knees started to be painful.

Napoleón Villegas says:

i started to sit more in the floor for drawing time, thanks this really helps (hypermovility person here) thanks alot

Blk Rose says:

I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, when I say suffering, I mean suffering, but I refuse to give up. Thanks for sharing

Hannah Miller says:

Thank you sir! I have a follow-up question; what muscles should I strengthen to help stabilize my knees or hips so that it's easier for me to prevent my tibias from rotating without props? Or what are some hip stretches that place minimal pressure on the knees? How can I stretch my hips in a way that targets my abdominals more than knees and downward?

JL A. says:

Good tip, but actually in the 90/90 pain is often feel is the front leg, when you push your knee into the ground if you knee is more flexible than your hip you can tweak your knee…

Ransom Cozzillio says:

Hey Matt,

What about the reverse? Outer side knee pain from internal rotation of tibia. I’ve started getting this while do like piriformis stretches, for example.

Mario Cooke says:

i fix this by doing the same hip stretch on a foamy mat. or, if you don't have a very padded mat, fold it until you have enough comfort

Dianna Willing says:

Thank You so much!

Casey Walsh says:

Not going to lie. I’ve been waiting for a video like this for years lol. Thank you

Diane Arnett says:

You're great, thx for this!

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