Hand Yoga for Arthritis and Stiffness (Full Practice)

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Hand Yoga for Arthritis and Stiffness (Full Practice)
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This full practice hand yoga for arthritis and stiffness video is great for those looking for easy yet restorative hand arthritis exercises. As many of us experience arthritis and hand stiffness, hand yoga for arthritis and joint pain is great at helping you find arthritis pain relief. Hand yoga, yoga for joint pain and yoga for carpal tunnel is an area of yoga therapy that can often be overlooked. Keeping our hands feeling happy and healthy is so beneficial for those experiencing arthritis in hands and seeking hand joint pain relief. Join me in this hand yoga for joint pain and mudras for stiffness video filled with stretches you can do RIGHT NOW to bring relief to your hands and wrists.

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Ann Swanson Wellness says:

Let me know how it felt below! Also, don't miss out on your visual guide of the top 5 TIPS FOR YOGA FOR HANDS here: https://www.annswansonwellness.com/hand-yoga

Cathy Nandhavan says:

Thank you so much. It helps me especially when waking up in the morning.

Tatyanna Francis says:

I keep coming back to this one, so good

Maríe Duvanced says:

Thank you 🙏🏻

Nhalyn Mhine says:

thank you so much i am now feeling great because of this video it helps me a lot and with prayer.. thanks to you and God

Teresa Fraser says:

You are AMAZING!

RT says:

Thank you very much. My fingers are feeling much better than when I started your Yoga exercise, for that thank you very much…

poonam sahay says:

Thanks ma'am its very informative❤

Moonbot 7 says:

The “hand position” I’ve done since I was a kid because I feels like you’re pushing on a mirror. Fun and weird feeling.

Lynn Marad says:

I wanted to ask if the birdsong is a soundtrack or are there birds outside your window? Thank you

Ravi N says:

Thank you. You took me into meditation. Yes, while doing madras and coming to stillness.

Anna Worsnip says:

It felt lovely, thank you!

Ann Swanson Wellness says:

Join the waitlist to the SCIENCE OF YOGA course 🤓: https://www.annswansonwellness.com/science-of-yoga-course

Mayur goel says:

Very effective yoga practice
I am from India

Lilah Jafery says:

Thank you 😊

Emma Medusa Medusa says:

Wow loved this !

Ansie Chorn says:

Thank you Ann… such a beautiful hand excercise and meditation, really did something to my brain… We forget about our hands, and what a pivotal and important role they play on a daily basis… Namaste

Laura Olais says:

Great short hand help! Would love to see same help for wrist pain🙏🏼

Cristal Yoga says:

Wow, that was really fantastic. I especially loved the mantra addition. I felt so peaceful after.

That’s my mantra for the day now. Thank you! 🙏

Marianette Kauahikaua says:

When I watch your videos I see my students who can benefit from this. Mahalo! The practice left me feeling tingly. I liked how you warmed up the upper body to assist the flow of blood to the area of focus – hands.

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