Exercises and Stretches for Arm Pain

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Join Airrosti’s Brittany Bankson, DC, as she demonstrates three easy exercises to help relieve arm pain. Tricep stretches and forearm stretches can help relieve tension and improve arm mobility to help reduce your risk of injury. We also share an eccentric extensor exercise that can help build forearm strength. Practicing these easy exercises can help keep pain from throwing you off your game.
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ChongBoy1 says:

that last back stretch was painful and i missed it

Natali Solis says:

Love it very helpful 🙏❤ thank you!!

Samma Akter says:

It helpful!

NarjnTsuki says:

I play with my keyboard tilted so this helps

kala Srikumar says:

I do this exercises I feel so better 🙏👍🇨🇦

Diane says:

My whole arms hurting and it makes me almost cry

serenity says:

every time I do a front walkover my hands hurt so much and I don’t know why

Hasan Khan says:

I can’t even stretch my arm enough to do these they hurt so much 😅

Vincent Ebenezer Rajkumar says:

Thank you for the Excise it is help for my elbow pain relief

Little Dora says:

I don’t know what to do, I have really bad lower arm pain, it’s so bad I want to cry because it burns. I’m trying to do the exercises but it’s making it hurt more and I’m worried about it 🙁

Sophia Marques da Silva says:

Hi broken bone friends sending lots of love from a broken bone friend 😍🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇😝😝😝🤪🤪🥳🥳

luckyfamilyman says:

Thank you so much😎👍

Ayo Mancing says:

Terima kasih informasinya👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Lonely Kuromi says:

Thank you My arm hurts so bad as hell after volleyball, It didn't hurt at first but after hours it starts hurting badly

Martin Stewart says:

Fantastic relief in a few excersises Have had severe arm pain for 3 weeks, after doing these exercises it relived the pain and mobility thank you for a great video

pwnz0r3d says:

Thanks for this. Good stretches.

aishlisha sharma says:

Thanks 😊

Issac allaround says:

this worked really good thank you

Mohd Yunos says:

[)]pp)[))) ..l.l68

Zoey Love says:

So this video is very beneficial, about the only thing that I did not like about it, is that she didn't work me through the whole exercises, she kind of just guided m how I should do the my stretcher and exercises. Instead of all the elaboration. I would have more appreciated being walked through the processes by her showing us how to do the exercises and stretches all the way through from beginning to end, because the way she did was rushed.

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