5 Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises in 60 seconds

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These 5 exercises are an easy way to relieve shoulder pain fast.
1. Pendulum
2. Scapular Retraction
3. Stick Press Up
4. Wall Slides
5. Rows


Viola Pastuszyn says:

Can confirm – these are almost exactly what my pt had me doing.

Ravi Khamar PT says:

Great & simple Exercises. Good work Tim. You're inspiration for Physios

Ayesha Siddiqua Rao says:

When my shoulders hurt (almost all the time blame the COPD) all I do is watch the chiropractors relieving others off the pain…

SwiftifyFN シ says:

This will help my dad

Ms Row's Daily Adventures says:

Thank you Sir for sharing! ❤

firstname lastname says:

This is awesome man, what’s really been hurting me lately is upper back like right at the joint of the neck. I’m reading a lot so I’m trying to get out of that posture, great videos man! 🤙

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