3 Best Exercises For Painful Bone On Bone Knee Arthritis

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Bone one bone knee arthritis pain can heal naturally with exercise. It is possible to avoid having surgery, like a knee replacement, if you can get the knee arthritis under control.

Exercises must be done a specific using the right muscles. Often people with bone-on-bone knee pain make their knee worse with exercises because they’re exercising muscles that are already too strong.

This feeds into the knee arthritis problem and makes the bone-on-bone situation worse over time.

Getting painful knee arthritis to flare down usually means getting your glutes working very well. In this video, we cover these exercises.

We also go over bonus tips that will help you heal your bone-on-bone knee arthritis.

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00:00 3 Best Exercises For Painful Bone On Bone Knee Arthritis
00:32 Tailgate swinging for bone on bone knee arthritis
03:44 Glute Squeezes Face Down for bone on bone knee arthritis
08:42 Bridge exercise for bone on bone knee arthritis
12:38 Bonus Tips

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Asit Kumar Banerjee says:

This is wonderful information. Many thanks.

Mary Helen Connelly says:

For example…when I kneel…I sometimes have muscle painful hamstring cramping…this also happens if I were to lay on my stomach and reach back to grab my ankle/foot in a yoga class. Why is that happening ? and what can I do to prevent? It seems as if my quads are too tight.

Peggy Masino says:

Extremely interesting and very well done. Thank you for great info!!

Dean Correia says:

Thank you for this. I am in agony! Right knee is worse. Question, the back of that R knee seems like it slips and it HURTS! What is it and what do I do? By the way, I am Priscilla.

GaryP says:

God advice but please don’t be so repetitive

Cora Danna says:

This is going to be a little difficult for me to explain, but here goes. My husband has just returned from Ortho Dr, because of an ongoing problem with his knee. He is 79 yrs old, and a couple of years ago, his big toe started hurting, went to Podiatrist and was told he had a small fracture, and to tape toes together. Since then the pain is in knee (on the side), and inner thigh. So now he goes to the Ortho Dr. and he did xrays and showed us the complete bone on bone of both hips, no space between, and the knee also. He stated that the R hip was a 10, left an 8…right knee an 8, and left about a 2. Know my question is this….my husband does not have hip pain, but…is very stiff…no pain..the pain is in the knee. He can't possibly get three surgeries, especially at his age…any suggestion?

Vilma Dann says:

Thanks your tips really help I do exercise and stretch but didn’t know about the quads. Will watch your walking next .

M C says:

Hello Doctor. I had Mencius tearing I under gone stem cell surgery. For both the knees. Pl advice some exercises and how much time it takes to walk properly. Iam from India Ouse to watch your videos and I very much impressed.

Joe Parks says:

Outstanding. Thank you

darlene lipuma says:

OMG! I was at the ortho today,sitting on the table waiting for him to come in to look at my knee, and I was doing exactly that. After I left (need a knee replacement) I was able to go to the grocery store, the drug store, and out to dinner!!! I had no idea why, but that had to have something to do with it. So glad I found your channel because he wants me to go to PT, but I can't afford it. So I'm going to try all of your knee exercises.

nayna mufti says:

Osteophytes in both knees 😘 can u guide 🙏

Lalitha Krishnamurthy says:

What exercise if an extra growth of bone near the smallest finger growing towards the inner side of the leg?

Andre Roussel Sapet says:

What do the gluts do for your knees

How would it benefit the knee

Andre Roussel Sapet says:


Toni says:

WOW! Three days of these exercises and I'm walking again without pain or cane!
Thanks so much!

Angella Brown says:

Thanks for this video

Chuan mee lee says:


Kersi Mistry says:

Besides exercise iwould recommend putting ice packs on your knee it has helped me a lot

Sanjiv Kumar Bhardwaj says:

Thank you for making this video, no physio or orthopedic has ever told about shifting load to gluts. Going to start with the exercise. Hope to get back in shape.

Kathy Clark says:

You have so many good videos. I pick different ones weekly to do. As I said previously in comments here, common sense PT 👍😀

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