Simple Shoulder Exercises For Seniors (Fitter in 5 – 5-Mins) | More Life Health

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Simple Shoulder Exercises For Seniors (Fitter in 5 – 5-Mins) | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for 5-minutes of shoulder exercises for seniors. These exercises are great for helping seniors to develop strong, healthy shoulders.

You can go through this routine two or three times, and it can also be completed standing.

This video goes for only 5-minutes, and it’s great for those times you’re having trouble with motivation, or you’re short of time.

REMEMBER TO WARM-UP prior to doing this exercise:
For the Warm-Up Video:
Seated Warm-Up:

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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More Life Health Seniors says:

Hey Everyone! This morning (Down Under) we are going to work the shoulders. I aim to get another 5 of these 5-minute workouts out over this weekend. Why not set a goal to do them all! Enjoy, keep moving and let me know how you went below!! Mike πŸ™‚

MJ Flag says:

On the first exercise, I have pain when I go past 90Β°. All the others I can go all the way up. So it’s that first angle that hurts

Barbara Stephens says:

I worked in .PT. You exercises are very good. These are for seniors and you are moving too fast for most beginning seniors to keep up. IMHO.

Suzanne Raza says:

Thanks for these wonderful πŸ‘ exercises. Just what I needed since I will be 77 next month

Joe chancio says:

OUTSTANDING STRETCHING VIDEO – I had lower back pain that orthopedic and chiropractors did little to help. After a week of your video back is best it’s been in years and my golf game is much improved. Thank you

Paulette Sifford says:

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thanks!

Paulette Sifford says:

Another great one. Appreciate you!

Nida Abdulkarim says:

Thank you 😊

Joyce Cardozo says:

Every exercise video is exhilarating!! Really peps one up and makes you exercise more and more without realising the time!! Thanks Mike and bye!!

bonnie alvarez says:

So, here's proof that these exercises are working in my favor: Went to the R.A. clinic yesterday and was asked to perform certain arm and leg movements… that I've been doing with your site… and was able to do them effectively. I attribute those acts to you! Thanks soooooo much! I'm sold!

Eddie Muise says:

Hi my neck back shoulders hurt.alot..5 falla.and hamstring issue 63 now.not doing so good.nerve issues too.

Ana Quila says:

Thank iam starting this exercise today feeling pain on my shoulder

Yvonne Smith says:

This makes my shoulders feel so much better. Mike thank you so much for easy to follow instructions!

carriepear1 says:

This is a good one for me!

Jan Mellor says:

Gives my shoulders a really great stretch πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Jan

Jan Mellor says:

One my favourites, thanks πŸ™‚ Jan

Jan Mellor says:

Again just want to say thanks Mike, as these shoulder exercises along with the posture ones have been a massive help, and keeps me more aware of my general posture πŸ™‚ Jan

Jan Mellor says:

Just what I needed to do thanks. My shoulders are very tight and these exercises helped to ease them, though more work is needed πŸ™‚ Jan

Sulochana Yoganathan says:

Good exercises easy to do while seated

M R says:

Great! Thank you πŸ™‚

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