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During these times of isolation Metro is here to help our seniors stay healthy. However these classes are not just for seniors, anyone can participate. Metro Active classes are a great way to stay active. This weeks theme is Motown. Try to challenge yourself but always remember to move at your own pace for safety. If you have any questions give us a call at 516-745-8050.

Join Us for Our Next Class on Zoom Every Friday at 12:30pm:

What is Metro Active?
An aerobics class that is safe, heart healthy, and gentle on the joints. Increase strength, balance, and the range of motion needed for daily living.

What kind of exercises?
Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and exercise balls are utilized for resistance training. Chairs are available for seated or standing support.


Linda Ziert Art Solace says:

These moves and the whole video is amazing! My dad would've liked these ❤️ keep up the great work!

Patricia H says:

Me too! So much fun…thanks!

Gale Jelics says:

Love this video to Motown Hits. Thought it would be easy and a waste of time. Surprised to feel every part of my body working. Love it. Thank you. Great instructor

Shannon Kay says:

Thanks so much for doing these videos. I had so much fun and loved the music.

Barbie Numgal60 says:

I'm 68 and this was my first time to try chair exercise. Fun!!

Octavia Williams says:

I am 62 and found you in you tube.I retired and the two you have with you are my favorites 💛 I can keep up.

Rose21 says:

So fun and uplifting. Thank you! You guys Rock! I'll be back tomorrow😅

Kim Fitzhugh says:

I just started and I'm loving it

Diane Oliver says:

Enjoyed this workout and the music

msleaney54 says:

WOW… just found this channel! It’s great! The music is too! Praise God!!!
Just what I needed!!!

msdutub says:

Leave the music loud because once the routine is learned, we listen to the music (and you…lol). When the music is low, the energy goes low

Sheryl Jones says:

Love this!!!

Paula Stewart says:

How long is each chair class? I love these classes

Carol Walters says:

I loved it great music u did a good job 💖

Liliane Corzo says:

Thank you so much! You are a keeper. I loved it. I am 80 and will keep in shape thanks to you. Great work

janine cox says:

Good morning 🌞

janine cox says:

Good morning

Francine Wilson says:

I just discovered You . You are Awesome and very Motivating .What a wonderful work out .🤗🤗

Pamela Taylor says:

LOVING IT!!!!!!!!! I'll be 69 in 3 months I'm encouraged to moooovvvveee even more! Thank you!

LDenise COOPER says:

Anyway possible you can add a timer to your screen so we know the length of your segments and how much longer inthesegment. Wereally enjoyed thematic and the exercises.

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