Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class

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Burn calories and boost your metabolism with this Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class! // Caroline Jordan // For more info:

Did you know that you can get a great calorie-burning chair workout sitting down? It’s true! Chair Cardio Workout routines are the latest health trend. You can work out at home and get amazing physical results all from the comfort of your seat. Ready to try it for yourself? Sit and get fit with this heart-pumping no-impact chair workout video for total fitness results.

Chair workouts are perfect if you have an injury, disability, limited mobility, or are just looking for a little exercise variety. Getting fit from a chair is low impact and appropriate for all ages.

Get ready to jack, pinch, twist, and kick your way to a stronger self in this Chair Cardio for fat loss workout. Using moves designed to improve your posture, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and functional flexibility, this no-impact video offers an effective way to exercise sitting down. In just 20 minutes, you will challenge your heart, shape defined muscles, burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get a satisfying workout. This routine will move your body, work your muscles, and help you feel incredible.

This chair cardio for fat loss workout video is guaranteed to exercise your entire body and leave you feeling amazing. Ready to get sweaty? Grab a sturdy chair, press play on the video below, and join me!


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chels3423 says:

I have a meniscus tear that requires surgery. I was so upset because I was completing high intensity workouts on a regular basis prior to my injury and couldn’t think of anything that would give me the same burn as those. This workout did that without straining my knee. Thank you so much for making this video ❤️

Murphy Johnson says:

subscribed just for the POSITIVE content. I work from home so need chair work outs I can do when it's slow.

Carolyn Wade says:

This is my favorite chair exercise I do it not as often as I should but when I do do it it's this video it's very very helpful

Seynab Mahamood says:

Thank you very much for this exercise, my mom really likes this exercise and it’s helped her lots, you’re awesome

Yoruichi 0518 says:

I love your encouragement!

joqatana says:

How many times do you mention Apple in this extended ad?

Kathy Pool says:

My plantar fasciitis is keeping me from my regular walks. I think I'll try this.

Dena Moore says:

I have a hairline fracture in my heel and I’m in a boot. Is this safe for me?

Laura Hunt says:

I am 61 years old the more I'll be 62 I am trying to lose weight

Nersa Bolalin says:

Thank you very much for this very challenging chair cardio exercises. I am a walk at home enthusiast but stopped lately due to strained achilles tendon. With your exercise i find it comfortable and once again able to sweat out. Am 66 yrs old and a filipina. Looking forward to seeing your exercises on youtube often. Thanks again.

Eliz D says:

Words can't describe how much these chair exercises mean to me…thank you

Gumrock says:

I just found this video today. Prepandemic I was really active and healthy, then being stuck at home for 3 years killed any mobility and endurance I had. I can't thank you enough for this video. Your positivity and feel-good mindset carried me through the workout and I will definitely be checking out the rest of your content. Thank you for being you. I'm so glad our paths crossed

Rishawn Carter says:

Hard and fun!! Thanks for the video

Shayan S.t says:

I'm doing my cardio everyday just hate to sit on a 💺 while working with 🖥.
I'm 5.9 85k,a bit overweight 😜

Mathapelo Ngwenya says:

Ohh woooow I found myself sweating like I was standing. Thank you

shari vaskov says:

Enjoyed am 82 yrs.. need to move for my RA thanks

Anjli Nishabd says:

Hi I was 49 with 89 kg weight 5 days back with so many health issues . I started this chair cardio and within 5 days i loose 2kgs, wow…it's wonderful…Thanks Carolene.

Dawn Tran says:

I'm healing from a foot injury and SO grateful I found you!! You are amazing and so very positive! Thank you for all of your videos and incredible enthusiasm. I've turned my friends onto you too!

Helga Nemaric says:

I’m newly diagnosed with MS, my legs feel like they’re covered in cement but as a nurse I know I have to move or I’ll end up on a wheelchair. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it was to not only find your channel but how motivated I felt just listening to you… I have no balance, and I’m afraid of falling but your chair workouts are life! Thank you x100 for giving me hope back

suedietrich1 says:

Hi Caroline. I have been using this video, and several others of yours, for several months. I'm almost 69 and was unhappy with the extra 50 pounds gained over COVID, and even more unhappy with my strength, stamina, and fitness. Thanks to healthy eating (NOOM) and you, I've lost 18 pounds and still at it. Thank you for giving me this free opportunity to enjoy working out with you.

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