Balance Exercises – 10 Minutes

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Amy from Amy’s Beach Fitness leads a 10 Minute Balance Exercise Class you can do at home. Please be sure to stretch and hydrate. Please Subscribe! HD 1080p

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Denise says:

Great balance workout. Thanks Amy. I'll have to work up to the last move! 😊

OffhandAgent says:

I could not do the last exercise. Loved these exercises!

laura says:

thank you so much! i couldn't find any balance improving routine and yours is exactly what i was looking for, very professional and challenging in the most positive sense. i'm definitely adding this to my workout plan ☺️

Tony says:

Really like it! Last move is my NoWay:)

Abhishek Todmal says:

This was a wonderful routine, Amy. Challenging, and fun! Thank you so much for it! Wish you health, peace, joy, and happiness! πŸ˜ƒπŸ–β€

Lacey the show cocker says:

Really needed this although didn’t do the last exercise as it kinda scared me lol πŸ˜†

Edit: going to do the every month of March to improve my balance

Amanda Carroll says:

Good little balance routine. Didn't do the last exercise as I have osteoporosis!

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