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Standing abdominal exercises help strengthen deep core muscles that stabilize the body and tone the belly. Today we will be going through 5 different standing exercises—and the best part is, you don’t need equipment!

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Martha Sanchez says:

Sam just what I needed thank You you are outstanding.

Peggy B says:

Love this👍

Janis Bolus says:

Thank you for the exercise I was feeling low just turning 75 but you impressed me I feel good about myself I definitely will keep up my exercise thank you again

stoza68 says:

Is this the same as renewed active?

Art Warmanen says:

Did this after 10 min walking and before 5 min strength. Felt winded and good.

Joanne Do says:

Jab – across, jab – across. Love it…Thank you

Mary Carlson says:

Like the last exercise the best. Hoping to flatten that belly by incorporating these exercises into my cario excercises dailey. Thank you.

Ellen Hardesty says:

Great exercises

Walter Nettles says:

I have a old leg and knee injury and it's hard to put a lot of weight on it. Not good balance on that side

Betty Glover says:

Thanks going to try this daily.

Maria Schneberger says:

I have problems with my knees but that workout is great please keep it up and and if you have any that can help you lose your butt please let me know have a great and blessed day

Anita Kukreti says:

She is were fit

Margarete K says:


Teresa Thompson says:

No relaxed soft knees on side bends ?

Petra says:

Great one thanks.

Margarete K says:

Awesome thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Jasmine C says:

Thank u!.easy enough!🇹🇹

白德堅 says:

Very practical and useful ! 👌👍👏

Tessa Tandler says:

That was excellent..really felt my abs…

cate curl says:

FINALLY! I found you 🤸 long way from the wiry girl I used to be. In recovery mode. Thankyou xx

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