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Once you’ve mastered basic balance exercises (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv__41ctwp8), you may be ready for advanced balance exercises. They are tougher, so have something to hold on to when you start. Buy a printable worksheet with these balance exercises here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-advanced-balance-worksheet

The first exercises are with your eyes closed: Romberg stance with your eyes closed and head turns side to side, Romberg stance with your eyes closed and head movements up and down, tandem stance with your eyes closed, and Tandem stance with your eyes closed and head movements up and down. These are not only great for balance, but they are also great exercises for ankle, knee, and hip strengthening.

Next are: walking on your heels and walking on your toes. Again these are great for balance, and they are also great for ankle, knee, and hip strengthening.

Finally, you have: single leg stance, single leg stance with a twist, golfer’s lift, and golfer’s lift with a weight. These are also great for balance and strengthening.

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10 Best Balance Exercises (Advanced):

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a printable worksheet with the balance exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-advanced-balance-worksheet
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Keyhane Younesi says:

You always help me level up my treatment plans for patients 🥺❤️

Nancy Anderson says:

First of all…great video! My very first comment to you…do you have printouts for this? For others?

Chris Young says:

Can I do the closed eye head turns out

Àyye Itss Mock says:

Thanks this going to help me a lot 😊

Apollonia Kageaki says:

Thank you! I was looking for some kind of light physical training to do on days where I'm spent from prior day workouts, and this is perfect :DDD

Shivaji Das says:

I have subscribed doctor.are they good for neurological disorders

Shivaji Das says:

Are thry helpful for neurological disorder patients

Ishan Koul says:

Hey there!!!
Just a small question, can we do these barefoot or with socks on and on a yoga mat or so??

pizza house cafe pizza house cafe says:

I have tinitus for last 3 month of my right ear and also feel dizziness i can't stand 10 to 15 minutes in one place i feel inbance of body what should do plZ tell some thing about

Kandieapples305 says:

You’ve just gained a new subscriber 🤗🙋🏾‍♀️ awesome video!

catsandstrawberries says:

Really helpful, thank you!

Nirvan Mahat says:

I definitely understimated the difficulty of these exercises! I'm working on these to improve my balance for martial arts! Are there researches existent on the benefit of exercise balances out there besides for athletes?

Matt Cairns says:

These exercises look so easy…THEY ARE NOT. Especially the ones with the eyes closed. Great tutorial!

Annie B says:

I've been working on balance as I've gotten older and have battled vertigo on and off over the last few years. Some of these were simple for me as I already do them or a variation, but the ones where you close your eyes and turn your head and heel to toe- wow! Can't wait to work on those, thanks for sharing!

Vicente Luis Montenegro says:


Francesca Vigil says:

How long do I need to do each exercise?

mauidelite says:

Thank you for creating this video – I'm so glad to have found it! When doing these exercises regularly, how long till we see improvement? Or would that be a varied result which would be dependent on where your are when you first start the program?

Rita lima says:

Any excercise if cannot walk on heels, I was a GB syndrome patient affected 3 years ago, can you help me with basic excercise to Improve my foot lifting

ANT1714 says:

Will this help a brain injury? I heard balance exercises really help the brain.

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