Sciatica and disc herniation. Exercises and positions by Dr Andrea Furlan MD PhD

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Doctor Andrea Furlan explains all about sciatica. She will show pain relief exercises.
The 3-3-4 method includes
– 3 positions to relieve low back pain and leg pain
– 3 exercises for pain caused by radiculopathy and nerve compression
– 4 activities to avoid if you have sciatica

00:00 Introduction
02:34 Disc herniation
03:39 Neurological exam, reflexes
04:10 Electromyography
04:30 Cauda equina syndrome
04:46 Position 1. Z-lie position
06:22 Position 2. Prone lie on elbows
07:56 Position 3. Prone lying
08:47 Exercise 1. Keep walking
09:22 Exercise 2. Sloppy push-up exercise
10:27 Exercise 3. Standing back extension exercises
11:55 Avoid bendng the trunk
12:45 Avoid bending forward
14:03 Avoid sitting without lumbar support
15:40 Avoid stretching the hamstrings muscles
16:10 Don’t do hamstring stretches
16:27 Avoid chronic pain

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Download the document with a summary of the 3-3-4 Method

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ALERT: This video is not intended to replace medical
advice. If you think you have a condition that is
causing you pain, please consult with your doctor
to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you.
The intent of this video is only for educational


Jassi Sachdev says:

Thanks for your advice, I started doing exercises after watching your video and I got 80 % cured,

Prasheed Kumar says:

Nice video I want to know we're I will get supporting belts which one in u r video


I'm aching as I type, I'm sad it's the middle of the night, I might have to take Tylenol right now

Arlene Guimbatan says:

Very clear and simple

Jasna Popović says:

Šteta da nemate titl na Srpski, Hrvatski ili Bosanski kao na drugim video objavama..

Ameena Kousar says:

Can't the video come in urdu

lori granger says:

This was really helpful!

HumanHealer says:

HELLO im 49 and have chronic siatica ,lying down and the chair exersises is very helpful ,the pain in the morning is lethal,im taking pain killers everyday and doing my walks 20 mins 3 times a day ,im waiting on NHS for treatment of the muscoskeltal which will be 24 weeks wait,thank you for your help,i did lots of lifting for twenty years and i believe this was the reason im suffering now,swimming gently in the lakes 2 or three 3 a week helps as well while the weather is good.

Saroja Duvvuri says:

What is the exercise for knee pain?

Chan Mun Wong says:

Hi Dr. Andrea Furlan, you giving the best advise regard sciatica pain relief methods and hamstring , thanks

Geoffrey Byamukama says:

So because you are Doctors, you think you will come here and keep lieing people ?

I don't know how you treat your sickness but if you ask me scietic nerve pain I will tell you that it has a cure.

The treatment that leads to its cure is taking elements that lack in your bloodstream.

Lack of sufficient Zinc in your bloods stream or diet is what causes sciatica nerve pain and other pains like paralysis or paralizing.

Take Zinc tablets 01 in morning and 01 in the evening every day and you will be okay in a long run.

Subechha Rizal says:

Thanks to good advice for us I get good idea.

Aida Laoad Pulicay says:

Dr. Furlan is body masssge advisable to restore spinal and nerve problems.. thanks

Abena Acquah says:

Thank you for the health tips, am practicing it right now

Maami Ama says:

I will try This i am in so much pains

Abdala Jama says:

Thank you doctor

Raja Studio says:

I'm in disc bulge L4,L5,S1 and pain in right leg i'm in very bad moments

Revathi Viswanathan says:

Nice and clear explanation… thanks a lot ma'am

Veli Boyraz says:

Tekrar çok tesekkurler emeğinize sağlık

melita sundar says:

thanks for your information

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