Patellar Tendinopathy Treatment – Including Exercises

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In this video, Maryke explains what causes patellar tendinopathy, how long recovery takes, and what treatment you may find useful. She also goes into detail about how to structure your exercise programme for patellar tendinopathy and what exercises you should do when.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:29 Causes of Patellar Tendinopathy
00:03:54 What happens in the tendon
00:06:03 How to diagnose Patellar Tendinopathy
00:09:15 Do you need a scan?
00:10:07 Other conditions that can feel similar
00:10:41 How long does recovery take?
00:13:00 Exercise treatment for Patellar Tendinopathy
00:33:36 Why you may not be getting better

Patellar Tendinopathy Playlist:

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Dark Grand Priest says:

I had this pain for over a year and it hurts more when I sit and lay down on my bed. I can’t get rid of it. I’m already dealing with a torn meniscus and just had surgery on it. I want to at least get rid of this pain.

Rishabh Vashisht says:

Can Yoga and stretching help me in
Treatment of this pain?

Sebastian Timbus says:

Is there a video about the tendon above the knee ??

bisharakevin says:

Hello, thank you very much for this informative video. I have a question regarding how one should handle setbacks and what to infer from them. For example I had been rehabbing both patellar tendons for a couple weeks and I made the mistake of playing basketball and jumped around a bit too much too soon. I was able to do full squats with decent weight on top so I decided to try my luck playing basketball again because that’s the sport I love. Hours later the tendon flared up and for the next couple of days the left tendon was very sore and it felt like all the progress that I had made strengthening the tendon was lost because I was unable to do certain exercises without pain that I was able to do during my rehab progress. My question is how do I know how much damage I did to the tendon or how far I set myself back progress wise in my rehab training. Thanks for your time, I would really appreciate a response. This rehab process is very difficult since I am very eager to get back to playing basketball but I do understand how long this injury can take to recover from.

NorthWind says:

Great video. Does anyone know if we should take painkiller before the training?

Corey says:

I learnt more things in this video more than I did in the last 2 years since my patellar tendinopathy started… Many thanks for the explanations and treatments suggested.

Jacob reese says:

Is it possible to have patellar tendinitis and patellofemoral syndrome I do feel the pain around me knee in different spots though I wondering how to tackle it

19 97 says:

please help me ,i got very hard ankle twist while running really fast to catch the ball ,i hit ball of foot to stone
i got shock like feel inside leg
after few days i m getting lot of swelling in ankle ,then my toes starts extension
i used half of foot for walking because i can't use full, after a month
i m getting knee , hip back neck pain one by one
i consultant lot of ortho , neurologist,i done ls spine mri report is normal,but doctor say it's multiple pivd
and physiotherapist say it's Patellofemoral or patellar tendon pain on knee
it's always stiff 24h ,dull pain from year
and my ankle joint pain for lot of month,still i have lit pain
what causing my knee pain please help

Lewis Jones says:

At one point in my life it was so Debilitating that my whole quad muscle wasted away and I was in tremendous pain when I squatted or straightened my knee. I ended up having a HVI injection which substantially improved my symptoms. However, 6 months later it came back and standing for prolong periods of time and training like a mad man everyday it eventually came back. I ended up getting shockwave therapy and with the correct loading program I managed to reduce my symptoms. I load my tendon 3/4 times per week now. Am generally doing whatever it takes I can’t give up because I’ve got this far I can walk now before I couldn’t. I can leg extension 30kg now I couldn’t do the first rung down. I had a flare up the other day because I loaded too much but I ended up lowering my load. Good luck 🤞🏻 everyone. This is a battle. A battle we will do whatever it takes to win 🏆!!!!!


Can I Exercise full week one day work one day off


I have same pain and I working in it your video 10/10. 😍

Gavin Sorg says:

Hello thanks for the video it was very informative! I just wanted to ask you a question about my rehab. So about 5 weeks ago I took a bad fall snowboarding, I landed heavy with my knees far over my toes. My physio said I damaged my patellar tendon (patellar tendonopathy acute tendon strain) and I have a mild fat pad effusion. I’m still waiting for a ultrasound but the wait list is about a year. Anyways I’ve been taking the exercises super seriously and the tendon is handling the load really well, I can do 4 sets back squats with a 100 kgs for 6 reps at 75 kg body weight and super heavy single leg press split squats etc with zero pain and the load is tolerating nicely but every time I try the leg extension machine for a couple sets of 15 reps the load is not tolerated and the knee gets very sore about 24 hours after doing it and it lasts for a couple days. What would your advice be for the leg extension? Should I keep trying even though the PT isn’t tolerating it? Even less load? Is the leg extension an essential part of my rehab? And my physiotherapist seems to think I should be able to return to snowboarding within two weeks which is obviously way off the return to sport timeline you expressed. Are there certain cases where patellar tendonopathy Can resolve much quicker? If my knee does feel 100 percent after the next couple weeks do you think me returning to sport would be wise? Thanks in advance Gavin

B Ramya says:

How to contact you

Kirstin Strand says:

The knee discomfort appeared after stopping use of my Stairmaster for several months. The left side of my body is weaker.
When I started using the Stairmaster again, the left knee did not like it. No major pain or swelling, just quiet rebellion. Any other ideas? It hurts when I walk down stairs. Meniscus tear?
If I could be assured of finding a highly competent physical therapist, like you,
I 'd consider it. In the meantime, isometrics will be my start. You are Best 😍🤗🤩

Kirstin Strand says:

The isometric routine appeals to me on an intuitive level. Brilliant! I've tried the usual knee strengthening exercises without the desired success. Thank you!

Manish Khatri says:

Thank you so much Maryke 😊😊

Tanzeem Sultana says: u have any video on ACL tear?

kaare090 says:

Thank you so much for this video, absolutely the best I could find online! Will a muscle gun perhaps help with this issue? I have one laying around though I'm unsure whether I should apply it to my patellar tendon or not.

Fabien Fernandez says:

How about extensor digitorum longus 
tendinosis rehab. I'm seeking for that 
video I've always seen an Achilles 
tendinosis rehab and patellar tendinosis

Jaspe Mabanza says:

Is a wall sit a good replacement for the Spanish squat if you’re not able to do the Spanish squat due to lack of equipment?

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