How Do You Treat Patella Tendinopathy? Our Rehab Protocol!

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Patella Tendinopathy (or Patellar Tendinopathy) has been described as one of the most challenging conditions in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy! Let’s face it… It’s Up and Down, It’s Hot and Cold, It’s Highs and Lows!

It’s always important to complete the basics including educating your patient on the key things they need to do in order to modify their activity levels which will have a significant impact on their tendon becoming reactive. Then its about pain modulation and the exercise protocols to improve loading of the tendon so that it can cope with the demands placed upon it!


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Adam Morgan says:

Great video 👍

Pianpiano says:

Interesting approach, I'd like to know more about the approach to pain. What if I'm doing every steps very gradually but in the return to sport the pain suddenly reappears

Damien Borcovsky says:

How much discomfort from isometrics is okay? Am i doing the right number of reps if the tendon is a bit achy 6 hours later and in to the next day, or should I aim to keep the reps/weight low enough that I experience no discomfort afterwards at all? I have been rehabing for a couple months and currently have a VISA-P of about 90 and can now run at least 7km with no issues, but less day after isometrics.

Manav Kailoo says:

I am suffering from last 4 to 5 month and without exercise I am dying everyday don't know what to do. Can you please suggest anything

Ahmed Refat says:

د خالد ميدان حضرتك مصري صح؟

Philipdoesfitness says:

I’m 13 years old and I have patterner tendinitis I have quit sports for about 4 months know and my pain haven’t healed at all I’m getting ready to go into my high school football season and if someone could help me out and tell me stretches and exercises and stuff to do for the pain that would be greatly appreciated

Ayesh Medic says:

Hi! I recently found your channel. Can you make a video suggesting books for medical students that are apart from textbook stuff, are knowledgeable, interesting and not boring. I'm fond of reading books and reading something apart from textbook gets retained longer for me. Like a novel maybe for medical students.
(This idea came by seeing that book on your desk, this is going to hurt)
I'm a First year Medical Student, gonna be in 2nd year just after 1 & 1/2 months of my exams. My exams are from 25th March.

jared ellerbeck says:

My patella tendons are so bad I have trouble just standing in one spot without having to sit.

Haidar Ali Nasir says:

Hi, how long on average would you say you should stick with isometrics and then when to move to isotonics? Would prefer an estimate of weeks/months rather than the generic ‘move on when no pain’ haha. Great vid btw❤️

Paul Bourget says:

Hello, I'm a MScPT student (1st year) in Canada and have been really enjoying your content.
Also I feel like the video production and editing quality has increased substantially compared to older videos in your catalogue. I'm not sure when the intro was changed but it's nice! I like the lo-fi beat tape music you guys opted for. Keep up the well made content, thanks!

Shape Physiotherapy says:

Top video mate. Always justifying your steps and also your courses. Recommended! 😊👍

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